Can I just be? monologue Reflection

Ashley Rodriguez


Professor Polish

HUT 101

Can I just be? Reflection


  • What did you learn while writing this monologue? This assignment allowed me to experience another side of theater. I am a Media Studies major, so I am so used to making decision that would look better cinematically rather than focusing on the actor and it was a nice experience learning how to make choices that would still make the same impact.
  • What you didn’t learn? I wish to learn how an actor finds time to connect with the story. To then perform as if it where their own authentically
  • How you can use what you learned in the future? In the future I can use the experience I had when creating this monologue in a project. I feel that I would be able to create a film that would equally be powerful for the actor and the film.
  • Did writing a monologue (as opposed to an essay) help you understand the place of monologues in theatre? If yes, how? If no, why not? instead of writing an essay I believe that I understood the place of a monologue in theatre better. I now understand a monologue isn’t just a performance for the audience. A monologue instead is a chance for the audience to relate, to almost feel like they are not in a play but instead in a real place captured in time.
  • How you think you could have pushed your writing and performance even further? I believe that if I had more time I would like to explore my character in my monologue. I would show what exactly is going on in her life. I would emphasize her age and crisis a bit more in detail.
  • What rhetorical choices did you make in your monologue — both with your words and with your body — and how did these choices advance the depth of your work? In my monologue I wanted to get across that my character just went through something big in her life. I wanted to show her emotions play out in her head as she as talking out loud. Almost like if she was trying to make sense of her crisis like losing her father. So, I kept repeating the words “I am fine” like if it was her own way of convincing herself that she was. I like to think that these choices that I made allowed my monologue to be relatable to others.
  • How did the process of peer review push your analysis forward? If it didn’t, why not? the process of peer review allowed me to see how others would understand my monologue. It allowed me to alter my character so that it would relate to the audience (class)
  • What fresh rhetorical insights might you bring from this assignment into future assignments? I would like to explore emotion even more on future assignments, I would like to use words that continue to repeat.

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