Generous Enemies

Carlos Cruz

Emily Brooks

SSN 240- 1828

March 16, 2018

Generous Enemies


European explorers were lured by the new word that in the sixteenth century would become New York City, by the meadows, orchards, fruit trees and the new opportunities they would have. One of the first constructions in the Manhattan Island were Dutch with red bricks and some painted white. Some of the houses had balconies on the roof where the landscape could had been appreciated. On the other hand, the tax acts by the British made a controversy in the lives of the New Yorkers. However, the city created committees with radical and conservatives in order to respond to the tax crises. As the conflicts intensify, the people had to make plans to go out of the city because troops were coming to the city. Also, the presence of the warship Asia made more rumors of war. Then, people were afraid that a war began, so they had to go out of the town. A couple months later, the British’s cannons were shot for the first time. Many conflicts were happening in New York during the time of Lexington and the declaration of independence. Also, more tension was created when the British left Boston and came to New York. So, more inhabitants had reasons to leave the city and be afraid. Then, the half of the New Yorker left the city while more soldiers got in. Moreover, the Congress ordered all man had to work at the fortification to protect the city from the British attacks. After waiting for the next movement of the British, New Yorkers heard the shoot of a cannon, but the enemy just alarmed them. First, the British took Long Island and after that Manhattan. Although, in the middle of the battle many residents crossed the river. So, the battle decreased the residents by one-third and now many British soldiers were in town. After all, the city had a demand for new jobs and opportunities for refugees.

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