Status, Commerce, and Conspiracy

Carlos Cruz

Emily Brooks

SSN 240- 1828

March 3, 2018


Status, Commerce, and Conspiracy

            In 1741 the New York governor” home caught fire and his house was destroyed. After that, many other houses were burned and at the same time the Britain was at war with Spain. So, many suspicions of a conspiracy to attack the major cities of the British government. Then, in the winter of the same year, a newspaper editor started rubbering at stores who was linked to a conspiracy because he had two names. When he got arrested, he mentions that a woman helped him to hide many stolen stuff. This woman started having a business when in those days was not allowed that women can own anything. Consequently, African Americans can “have white women as dependents” (p. 136). These kinds of actions became more frequently in the city of New York where many valuable goods were stolen. So, the supreme court believed that all of these was a slave conspiracy because they did not have rights. Although, the family Hughson owner of a tavern caught the attention of the authorities because they had some previous problems like serving run to the slaves. Therefore, the suspicions of slaves stealing good was in order to get alcohol. Then, the suspicions fell on foreign people as well. In addition, a woman reported that an African American was talking about fire. So, the police arrested him and asked for the conspiracy. However, the authorities only got more names of people who may be involved in the conspiracy. Also, the authorities offered a reward to different social classes for information. Thus, the Hughson’s servant told the authorities that she had seen many meeting of African Americans at the tavern and also that some others came at night to the house. So, she gave many information that she knew and the Hughsons were arrested.

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