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After our discussion in class – pick one language myth and write a post about it. The blog posts are an opportunity to explore, expand and question your ideas and thoughts, at the same time that you are reflecting on your experience. They are a low-stake assignment, you will be evaluated based on clarity and depth of content, not based on grammar or spelling.

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  1. 9) Raising children bilingually is a mistake because they will get confused and never become truly proficient in either language.
    I feel like this isn’t true because i grew up with my family teaching me Spanish at home and learning English in school. i feel like it was actually really good that i grew up like that because i am able to read speak and write in two different languages that means if i go to any place where people only speak Spanish i will be able to communicate with them and not have to ask for someone that speaks English. it is also a lot easier for children to learn things when they are younger kids are like a sponge they absorb everything so that is an amazing time for them to learn not one but two or three languages because the more languages people know the better it looks on a job application.

  2. 11) Women tend to talk more than men. This is a false statement because both genders talk as they perfer. Some may choose to be talkative and others choose to be quite. There may be people who can talk on and on without even realizing it. It all depend on a persons personality. Not all women are talkative and not all men are quite. The above statement is a stereotypical view on women.

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