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It’s reasonable to believe that the best way to understand your method of speech is to ask those who normal speak to you, correct? So with that in my I spoke to two of my close friends and asked them to help me understand my dialect. This is how I learned that my way of talking heavily depends on my mood; and that it typically occurs in three main stages, Calm/Neutral, Comfortable/Playful, and Annoyed/Angry.

When I am in the calm/neutral stage, I typically speak in a calm professional and logical manner. When referring to people, I say “Sir” or “Ma’am” depending on the gender of the person in question. If I make a mistake I’m more likely to say “I apologize” or “My apologies” rather than “I’m sorry”. I make an effort to use proper grammar as well as making sure that any verbal mistakes made are quickly correct. Again, usually followed by a quick apology if needed. I’ll also make an effort to avoid the use of profanity as I personally don’t like hearing those words when I’m in that stage. Because this is the stage people see the more often then not, I’m usually told that I am a mature young man, or that I’m very professional.

When I’m Comfortable/Playful, my personality quickly changes. Rather than speaking professionally, I’m much more casual and open. I have a tendency to use expressions like “my bad” or “my guy/dude”. I’ll also refer to people by saying “Fella Fella”. Use of profanity is much more likely in this stage as I am more laid back and care less about keeping a professional attitude, rather I begin to care more about being humorous and will make a great deal of jokes and references in an attempt to get a laugh (though I still make sure these jokes are not offensive in nature. It’s kind of hard to make someone laugh if they’re irritated with you). Use of made up words and random sounds tend to take the place of real words as well, for a humorous effect. This is the stage I am in the most when I’m around friends.

The last stage is the one stage I hate being in, the Annoyed/Angry stage. In this stage I try to maintain a professional and logical attitude. However, my annoyance makes causes me to be far more candid and outspoken. I lose any interest in keeping my opinion to myself or sparing the feelings of the person who has…incurred my wrath, so to speak. My speech becomes heavily sarcastic and belittling. I speak in a manner that suggests that I don’t believe that I and the person I’m speaking to are on the same level. I make it a point to hide this aspect of my speech because it would definitely be seen is disrespectful. I would be seen as the kind of person who you don’t want to be around because they make you feel bad, or something along those lines. It’s was also brought my attention (and I have noticed this about my speech as well) that I speak much faster when annoyed. I also have the tendency to rapidly repeat the first syllable of a given word in a sort of stuttering fashion.

My questions regarding this draft are simple

  1. Was I clear with my analysis of my speech in regards to my personality?
  2. What could I have done better?
  3. What can be taken out/put in to make this a more complete paper?
  4. Did I go off topic, if so what could be done to stay on track in the future?
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  1. 1. I think you’re very clear in your analysis of your speech in regards to your personality. In fact, after reading this essay, I think that if a person who didn’t know you, read this essay, they would know the three main parts of your personality. Overall, I really liked how you broke up the three parts into paragraphs and gave a detailed explanation of each.

    2. Honestly, I don’t think there’s much for you to add. But, if I did have to suggest something, it would be to maybe provide an example or two with some details. For example a scenario and how you approach it in each different stage.

    3. The first thing I noticed after finishing your essay that you were missing a conclusion which was a response to two questions given on the assignment page. So, that’s all for what needs to be added. As for taking out, I don’t think you need to take out anything.

    4. I don’t think you went off topic. I think you did a good job on this essay! ☺

  2. Great essay, You gave a good description of your language. I think you need to incorporate the questions from the prompt into your essay to make it a more complete paper. You stayed on topic of your language but I think you didn’t focus much on the questions. Overall, well written and provided good detail.

  3. Malekie, make sure to go back to the questions and the rubric and review the objective of this assignment – language attitudes. I think that you need to work on this essay and I would recommend to review this week readings. Please, diuble check my comments on your essay.

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