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The attitude that exists throughout my language/dialect would most likely be considered as one of rudeness. And the language I am associating with this is my language/dialect of American-English. I portray American-English as a dialect as well because with American English, depending on where you reside in America, the American-English language can have a slight deviation in terms of sound, pronunciation, and attitude. From my experience, the attitude of the average New Yorker when it comes to communication is most often referred and perceived to as being rude from the average tourist or outsider. Due to the city of New York having a fast-paced “hustle and bustle” lifestyle, it leaves most of it’s residents often unable, due to their lack of time, to tactfully think about the things they say and how they say them to other individuals whom are unknown to them. But of course, within the circle of friends, close associates and other New Yorkers, this is just the everyday norm.

However, within this everyday norm, due to the overall rudeness that is associated with the New York language/dialect of American-English. Both the prestige and stigmatized forms of the language can both be described as rude as well. The only difference is an individuals choice use of words that comes to them unconsciously due to perhaps their financial status or upbringing being born and raised in New York, with the exception of being of a different nationality/ethnicity outside of American, such as Japanese, Indian, or Brazilian. The general public sees it this way because, as previously stated, New York City has a very fast paced lifestyle. And as a result, this leads to the majority of it’s residents in a highly stressed and irritated state of being when confronted by another individual, who may, by chance, also most likely be in a highly stressed and irritated state of being.

In another area, such as another state in America, American-English can be perceived differently. The words that are spoken can be completely understood. However, how the words are spoken and uttered would obviously be noticed to be different. This can also be associated with how an individual’s posture, attitude, and pronunciation are presented that would display this drastic difference. Words that are commonly used and spoken in one area could make any outsider or tourist be noticed upon the attempt of blending in if it is not performed with the proper pronunciation, posture, and attitude, let alone the understanding of the word(s) as well.

Overall, the social factors that contribute to the attitude that people have toward American-English in America can be a plethora of reasons ranging from Cultural to Socioeconomic to Racial. However, I mostly believe it to be more of a geographical factor. And that a person’s attitude towards American English will differ depending on where they are in America. The attitude towards American-English in states such as North Carolina would be seen as friendly, while in California it can be contributed to being laid-back. And chances are, you will always hear an outsider or tourist say, “New Yorkers are so rude”.



Do you think I clearly expressed my points and presented an adequate amount of reasoning to support them?

Is there anything else I could have spoken about that would have effectively helped express my point and essay?

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  1. Yes I do believe that you clearly expressed your points and presented adequte amount of reasoning to support them especially on the part that you mentioned about how American_Anglish in New York will seem rude to any tourist or outsider but normally for new yorkers. And I feel like you could have put more deatails in the last paragraph regarding to the discrimination. But in my opioion I think that you wrote a pretty good essay.

  2. To answer both questions in one statement, I think you’ve adequately expressed your point with a good amount of detail. Personally I think you’ve said more than enough for the point you were trying to get across.

  3. Scott, great work of your draft! I think that you have identified your dialect/language(s) and you have explained the language attitudes associate to this dialect/language(s). However, check my comments on your essay in order to give examples and illustrate what makes the New York dialect be perceived as rude – lexicon? which words? pronunciation? what type of pronunciation?
    how can we explain these language attitudes? what factors could contribute towards these attitudes?

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