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Language can shape your views about different people, but in a bad or good way? Can language mean high status or low status? People might think that their language is high status and might think that other people’s language is low status. In a certain situation can speaking in a unprofessional way or using slang make your language low status?

When other people speak different languages it doesn’t mean that it can be low or high status. Many people that speak different languages can speak in proper ways or professional ways. It doesn’t matter what language you speak you can still speak in a good manner. Everyone in the world either its high status or low status speaks in a professional ways, when you’re in a good mood and in a professional environment you will speak in a ways that should be spoken. My mom for example is not rich or high status, but she knows how to speak when she is around her colleagues or in a professional environment. I believe that all people can speak in a respectful and right way, without profanity or slang.

When you’re with your friends do you ever start to speak and use slang? Well for many people this is always happening no matter what language you speak. Whenever I speak to my friends or my family I tend to use slang and not in a way that is meant to be spoken to when I am at school or at work. I feel that this is always happening whether you’re high status or low status and  whatever language you speak. No matter what person it is they will use slang or might say words that are made up. Language should not be the way you see or view a certain person, that person might not be in a certain situation that makes them look like a good person its just where they might be comfortable. You should never judge a book by its cover, sometimes I think that just because a person is speaking Spanish or Jamaican or Chinese that they act or might seem like a bad person. This should not be the case, if you get to know them they will show you who they really are. I’ve had this situation happen to be many times where I would judge someone based on how they talk or what language they speak, and many many times I have been wrong about them. I have met many great people that speak different languages, at my job there are many people that speak different languages and they are very nice people that speak just like everyone else and know how to speak when spoken to.

Do you really think that language can shape your view about people? Language should not be something you judge someone on. It doesn’t matter who it is, getting to know someone is the key to understanding them, showing who they really are deep down and their identity.


1.How can I further explain?

2.Is my explanation clear?

3.Do I go off track in the paper?

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  1. I think you can further explain by adding your own experience to the topic. For example you can talk about your own languages and how have you been treated differently in many situations. Your explanation is clear and doesn’t go off track in your paper. Great essay.

  2. I think you made some good points in your essay. My recommendation would be to write more about your language/ dialect . You could also write more about your experience and how has your language impacted your life.

  3. Xavier, you draft is a good beginning. Pay attention to my comments and check the rubric – I think the rubric could help you organizing your ideas. You must describe the dialect/language that you have chosen first, and in your draft it is not clear. You must related that dialect/language to the attitudes spakers have towards that variety of speech – the way you did it with Spanish, they explain why (factors that contribute towards the attitudes described.

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