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I consider myself a Puerto Rican American if that makes sense. I was born in Manhattan, New York but both of my parents are Puerto Rican descent. I was raised in a household were two languages was spoken. Those languages were English and Spanish.

Growing up I was always around my grandparents. My grandmother didn’t speak English at all and my grandfather spoke English but he chose to speak mainly Spanish. He only spoke English when necessary. But his preference was Spanish. Although he knew English he still spoke to me in Spanish at all times. I been speaking both languages since a young girl. I believe I acquired speaking Spanish from being around my grandparents. My Spanish is very fluent I can speak it very well only problem I have is writing it sometimes.

when I’m at home I still speak both languages. I live with my grandmother who still doesn’t know English. At times I’ll talk to her in “Spanglish”. What I mean by that is their will be times I’ll talk to her in Spanish and I’ll throw some English words in our conversation. I do the same thing when speaking English as well. For example when eating something and I want to know if its spicy I would say “does this pica”? Then people around me who doesn’t know Spanish would look at me as if I’m crazy. Then I’ll realize what I have said and I will restate what I said.

i feel like knowing both languages English and Spanish is something really good but tricky as well. It’s a good thing because when being bilingual their are more opportunities for individuals. The reason why I feel like it is also tricky is because when you been somewhere speaking one Language for a long time then having to step out and transition into speaking another one can be some what hard.


1.what do you think I need to improve on or add on

2. Did I stay on topic?


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  1. Great examples, it helped us as readers know what you were taking about. Maybe if you talk a little more on how the Spanish language itself sees a person or how does it perceive a person.

  2. Abigail, this is a really clear introduction to your essay, but as I have pointed out in my comments, I think that you need to go back to the questions and the rubric because you have not identified and explained the language attitudes that exist towards your dialect/language(s) (in this case, Spanglish). You need to work on describing these attitudes and explain the factors that contribute towards those attitudes.

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