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Brian Tapia

September 28, 2018

Professor Ines Vano Garcia

Reflective Essay #1


New York City is a gathering of different cultures, and along with it comes different forms of languages. Since the United States has no official language, everyone is free to speak their own language in which the choose. However, the most commonly used language in the United States, and to narrow it down, New York City, is english. Though english is the most commonly used language spoken in New York City, it’s english, or to be more precise, the way it is spoken in the city has its own style of english. It is common that each city has their own speaking style, and residents can notice when someone is out of state by the way their english is pronounced which includes dialect as well. And even within New York City, some areas have their unique way of speaking english in New York City.


It’s pretty easy to notice in New York City who is from which of the five boroughs and where in the economic class system they’re in. Leaving aside the dressing style, New York City has its own dialects. For example, there are certain areas in the city what people refer to as “The Hood”. The Hood, in short, is just a nicer way of saying a community where people of low economic class live in. The people who reside in those areas have a more “rougher” way of speaking. Generally people view it as more of a “ghetto” and “ratchet” way of speaking, and is often viewed negatively from an outsider’s point of view.


In Long Island, the way of speaking is more refined and clean, akin to something more proper. The other 3 boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx) generally think of that area where people who have a higher stable financial income reside in. When people listen to people who talk more refined and proper-like, the first place that comes to mind is the previously said Long Island, and what comes in second is Manhattan. The reason behind it is because Manhattan is the big business part of New York City. Places like Wall Street and the such are locations where english in a more refined and clean way of speaking is required in order to maintain a respectable image with other people such as business partners and customers.

Should I further describe the use of english in the economic class system(Low,Middle, High class)?

Does NYC have its own style and use of english?

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  1. Brian, I think that you have recognize specific language attitudes towards specific English dialects but make sure not to reproduce them – for example, how can one dialect or language be more clean than another one? As we have discussed in class, these are perceptions that speakers have towards a dialect – try to explain why – how could we explain these attitudes? I do recommend to revisit the readings we did this week.

  2. Hey Brian i think i am supposed to answer your question so i don’t thing NYC has its own style of english i do feel like everyone in NYC there own individualized style. i did like your easy maybe look on the rubric to see if you are missing anything.

  3. Hey Brian, to answer one of your questions about if New York having its own style and use of english. I feel as if New York does have its own style and use of english because the english language is perceived to be more aggressive in New York rather than other states such as Florida where their english language is perceived as more passive.

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