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Portuguese is one of the major languages of the world and  there’s something about it that really interests me so that’s why I decided to do more research about this language. Portuguese is spoken in Portugal , Galicia also has a language closely related to Portuguese, but I decided to focus on Brazil specifically. There’s  a lot of stereotypes and one of the most common ones is the belief that “Brazilians speak Brazilian” which is one of the common mistakes, Brazilian is not a language . Brazil is the name of the country, but the people from Brazil speak Portuguese. It is really easy to continue with this stereotype, specially for those who have no idea about the history, culture or even the location of Brazil. Some people don’t really put interest in learning more about a certain language or culture and that’s why we start to create these stereotypes, because of the lack of knowledge.

Another stereotype that is very common is that people believe that Brazilians speak Spanish and that’s their second language, but they don’t speak Spanish. Yes, it can be easy to get confused  since they shared some similarities in grammar and vocabulary but this doesn’t mean that’s the same language. Both Spanish and Portuguese are two beautiful languages spoken in completely different countries and have a different history as well.

We are always creating stereotypes and this can really affect some people or even worst the country. We create boarders where there’s none,  we are always making assumptions without taking our time on trying to figure out if the stereotypes are truth or not. or example if a tourist goes to Brazil with this stereotypes on their mind , maybe not necessarily the examples that I gave but there’s even worst stereotypes  , but the tourist won’t be able to take a chance to enjoy the culture, the language of this beautiful country.

This doesn’t only happened in Brazil , but it happens in many minority groups. People that don’t have the “power” or the chance to speak up for themselves, those are the ones who are always being judged and they have to faced these kind of stereotypes on their day to day. Some people may see it as an innocent mistake or if the ones being attacked are just being “sensitive” , but imagine waking up and from the minute you get out of your house you were already labeled. after a while keeping up with all of these stereotypes like mistaken your language can become annoying , because is a language that is part of you, part of your culture, part of what represents you and It’s  not fair for others to misinterpret your culture.


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1) do you think I went off topic ? Do you think that there’s something that I should keep or remove ?

2) is my point of view clear ?

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  1. I think your essay is good. I like how you gave the background on Brazil. I think you should be a little more clear on the language attitude towards Brazilians and the language they do speak. Overall, I think it’s good!

  2. You kind of did go off topic in your third paragraph (a little bit) but your overall point was pretty clear with the message you were trying to convey. Also, your conclusion could use a little work.

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