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Ahmed Shehada

The language I chose to research about is Arabic. To be more specific about the Arabic language which would be South Levantine Arabic. Levantine Arabic is mostly spoken in Palestine and Jordan. One main location this language is used in is in a city in Jordan called Amman. Arabic is a common language spoken in the Middle East, an example would be Egyptian Arabic. The dialect and accent for the South Levantine Arabic and the Egyptian Arabic differ from each other. Before speaking or learning a language, it is important to learn the history of where the language came from and the location. The reason I am interested in researching this language is because I have been speaking it since I was a kid and I would like to learn more about it as well.

Arabic has many different dialects and accents depending on where it originated from and how the language evolved in different areas. In the middle east, Arabic is known to be the main language.  In the history of the South Levantine Arabic language, it’s been published in some parts of the bible in the 1940s. South Levantine was spread and accepted during the Roman and Byzantine periods as well. Levantine Arabic was a dominant spoken language in Palestine.

Arabic has influenced many languages around the world throughout its history. Some examples of languages being influenced by Arabic would be Turkish, Bosnian, Bengali, Indonesian, and Persian. Arabic is known as the holy language for the 1.8 billion Muslims across the world. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world. the reason for that is because different ways of speaking such as 422 million ways.

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  1. hey ahmed. i think your essay is pretty good so far just dont forget to answer the main question which would be the attitudes and perceptions that people have towards this language. Also, why did you choose this language and where else do they speak this language ?

  2. Hey Ahmed,
    I think you have enough background information in your essay, I think to better your essay you can add on some examples of the Arabic dialect that you chose and also add on how people everywhere perceive this langauage.

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