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Language, there are a lot of languages all over the world and they could sound different or similar to others. I speak English and it is my only language but learning about another language is very interesting to me, being able to hear how those talk in the language and the sounds they make with their mouth. I’ve heard French before from videos to movies and even from my girlfriends grandfather. There are many dialects of french and One that I have chosen to talk about is Quebec French.

Quebec French is the predominant Variety of the French language in Canada. In an article called “The Differences Between French in quebec and France” it states ” The French that was brought to the colony was also isolated, during this time the noticeable differences between the French varieties began to appear. Standard European French developed with European influences, while Canadian French were infused with significant influences from the English language.” This shows where the language has come from and even thought canadian French is an umbrella term it still means that Quebec french was created during that time too. In 1977, the charter of the French language was drafted by the Parti Quebecois and it was to protect the French language which was known as Quebecois. This charter made Quebec French the primary Language used in business in Quebec. Now Quebec french is the primary language spoken in Quebec and is used in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Quebec French which is native to many places such as New Brunswick, Ontario, western Canada, and New England but the main place is obviously Quebec. There are 7 million native speakers in Quebec and 700,000 speakers elsewhere in Canada and the unidted states. There are so many people speaking this language and others that speak French that is very similar and they might have some views on this, but not only them. Quebec French shows a coherent and standard system. The office Quebecois de la langue francaise think that standardizing this French could lead to reduced mutual intelligibility with other communities that speak French. This can possibly cause the extinction of the French language. This causes quebeckers to have negative perception to their own language and want to improve it.

Quebec French which is the predominant variety of the french language in Canada, which is used in everyday communication, education, the media and government can sound very different from other french dialects in that same region. It is spoken in many places and by so many people not only in Quebec. Even till this day it’s not fully intact but they are trying to improve it.

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  1. Hey Xavier,
    Your paper seems really packed on with information about Quebec French, maybe you might want to include though the attitudes and the main questions that this essay is asking for.

  2. In your essay, it is good that you talked about the french dialect and the history of where the french language came from. I think you should give more examples for the french dialects.

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