Joshua’s Audible Artifact

The audible artifact I chose to compare with Erica Dawson’s “When Rap Spoke Straight to God” is the song/poem by Hobo Johnson, called “Romeo and Juliet”. The reason I chose this artifact is because of the way both artists use real life books to show a perspective. In “When Rap Spoke Straight to God” she uses the perspective a woman blossoming into who she is with comparisons to the bible, whereas Hobo Johnson uses the story Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist from the perspective of someone who’s broken and questioning their choice to be committed because of their parents failed Romeo and Juliet story. Dawson and Johnson both use direct quotes from their choices of literature and music. Dawson using quotes from the bible or rap songs such as the quotes by Kool G Rap in his song, “Home Sweet Home” and Hobo using quotes from “Romeo and Juliet”  

Hobo Johnson uses the quote “But soft what light, thru yonder window breaks, it is the east, but Juliet just puked off the balcony.” Johnson uses the quote from the play to give imagery to the listener of Romeo creeping to watch Juliet but with the modern twist, Juliet isn’t the fair maiden like in the play. She’s puking off the balcony in a party.  

Johnson and Dawson used direct oppositions in their pieces of work as well. The Bible being about stories of death and love to talk about the holiness of God but using detailed scenes of sexual relations while using bible verses creates an opposition and a sense of irony to the poem. Johnson talks about the story of Romeo and Juliet but with them ending in divorce and having a child who witnesses and suffers from it.  

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