play it loud: MY EXPERIENCE

Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and ended up having more fun then I thought. It was cool how a lot of popular rock and roll bands and artists came together to celebrate the history they had of distributing awesome music. I was awesome to see how Steve Miller made use of the electric guitar in his song “Fly Like an Eagle”. This music gave me a futuristic feel that I just really adored. Another song that caught my attention was Jimmy Page’s “Kashmir”. It made me flashback to memories I’ve had hanging out after school acting all cool and chill. This song even gave me confidence through times that were challenging and rough. Speaking of Jimmy Page, there was a mannequin portrayed as Jimmy Page posed as playing the guitar. It looked stylish and realistic with how the coat was made from leather and had flames on it. I really do appreciate the effort they put into detailing every aspect of his coat. When I Tom Morello was performing, he was using an effect pad to make it sound wacky and funky which was cool. It just shows that there are different ways you can play guitars rather than just using a base which was rather unique! There was a section that had many recognizable rock and roll posters from back then. Seeing all these posters made me nostalgic, I felt like I was back in the 1990s on the streets of New York seeing the poster for the very first time. Afterward, I visited the gift shop seeing many different souvenirs you could purchase to your liking. There was a miniature zebra guitar that was handcrafted from scrap. This was very interesting since this looks like something you would see out of a stop motion picture or show. Speak of the devil the store wasn’t only selling records and books, but also out of nowhere Bob Dylan T-Shirts. It was hilarious because I learned that Bob Dylan has a brand of his own T-Shirts, the same man who stole songs from artists and songwriters making them his own. Overall, I had a fun time going to this event. It was awesome to learn about the history of rock and roll but to also learn new things along the way. I’d totally recommend anyone to go here, it was worth the trip. If you or your friend enjoy listening to rock and roll, then this event is for you.

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