Mixtape Blog (3/22)

Careful readers of the syllabus will notice that on 3/22 we have no class, as I will be away at a conference. In lieu of class, then, we will have a “mixtape blog” assignment. Here’s what that entails:

  1. Choose one of the songs from your music mixtape.
  2. Write a 300-500 word “close listening” blog (that is, a careful critical analysis). In other words, demonstrate how the song makes meaning and elicits feeling. You might make reference to the song’s lyrics (in particular, their literary elements), the “sound” of the song (for example, instrumentation, tone, rhythm, and so on) and, if the music video is relevant, visual imagery.
  3. Post your blog here by Friday, March 22 @ midnight.
  4. Before our March 29 class session, leave a 2-3 sentence comment on a classmate’s blog post.

Posting your blog on time will count as “attendance” for the missed class session.

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