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The song is essentially a spiritual exultation, wherein West discusses how Jesus walks” with all manner of people, from the sinner to the saint. Towards this end, the first conceptual verse of the song is told through the eyes of a drug dealer contemplating his relationship with God. It reportedly took over six months for West to draw inspiration for the second verse. West also uses the song to express his critical views on how the media seem to shy away from songs that address matters of faith, while embracing songs discussing violence, sex, and illegal drugs. He rhymes, “So here go my single, dog, radio needs this/They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus/That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes/But if I talk about God my record won’t get played, huh?” This is directly taken from West’s experiences when he was struggling to get signed onto a record label; many executives turned him down after he played a “Jesus Walks” demo for them.They reasoned that he did not conform to the stereotypes associated with mainstream hip-hop and therefore was not easily marketable. Many of his friends in the music industry also warned him that while the song was outstanding, it would never make it to radio.

The mindset of this rapper kind of goes in proportion with the poem “when rap spoke straight to god” because both authors show us a way of connection between religion and some tabuu topics that are rarely discussed, which are love, sex, drugs and where as they describe are touched and related with the black lives.

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I decided to choose the song called “Vetbesim” which is actually in Albanian, and if you translate the word “Vetbesim” from the Albanian language in English it means Confidence. First of all let me introduce you guys with the rap artist that wrote the song and sings it as well, because it will give this blog post a complete meaning. The author of this song is known with the nickname as “UNIKKATIL” and is the best Albanian rap artist ever which he managed to send the hip-hop and rap genre in my country in a whole different level. People consider him as a poet in Albania because of his powerful lyrics in his songs. He never did an actual video clip, he managed to touch the heights of the fame by just releasing audio songs on YouTube. He broke levels after levels and so was an inspiring role model for his confidence that helped him to achieve all of that.So because of his way of expression in the songs, it made me one of his crazy fans, and just so you know, even his fans were unique like him. Not to many people managed to understand well his lyrics in the songs . I grew up with his songs and especially the song called “Confidence”. In this song the rapper basically describes how you should never depend on anybody, if you want to become somebody in life. He also criticize his friends and through his lyrics he kind of wants to make people aware of not giving to much trust to even your friends because if something crazy happens they might leave you behind. I totally found myself into this song, since i was i child i always was involved in big things or better say i was kind of the main guy to my friends were i had to lead people. As a guy with confidence which had to much freedom to do anything and coming from a powerful family in Albania, i often found myself in dangerous situations where in those moments i had the chance to discover fake friends and real friends. I mostly find myself in the Ref. of the song where he says ” Have just a little confidence, you will touch the sky if you dare” writing this kind of inspiring song the rapper methodology was to give lessons to the young people, lessons of life which he already experienced them. And, so me. This part of the song drove me to grow up listening to it and to form me as a person and define my life principles. I remember listening to this song when i was in different situations, i listened to it when i was inspired , when i was frustrated, when i was nervous , when i had to find a motive somewhere. And the reason why it makes this song and the Albanian rapper so powerful is that the style of the song singed by the rapper is like speaking straight to you. Yeah it may sound strange but really i had moments where listening to this guy it looked to me that i am really talking to him and he is advising me. This song plays a huge role on who i am today, where to have confidence and to dare to do things in life you have to be willing to sacrifice things, leave things behind, loose friends , but you’re going to be able to touch the sky and achieve the biggest heights of success . This song taught me to never give up and to dare to do things with value in life, and for this reason it is my favorite. (596)