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The song “Power” by Little Mix is mainly about celebrating and encouraging woman empowerment and how a woman has just as much power as men do in relationships and everything else in life. The song expresses how women are just as strong as men are and we won’t surrender without having to fight for our “control” or independence. This relates to Erica Dawson’s poem “When Rap Spoke Straight To God,” because constantly brings up topics regarding woman and how they should and shouldn’t be perceived by sharing stories with Trump as well as Eve. For example, Dawson uses the imagery of celestial objects such as skies and constellations to portray how powerful and strong a woman is. The song and poem both show strong examples of woman empowerment as well as female independence and are trying to shine a light on something that at this point should be known by everyone.

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The song I chose is “Little Me” by the girl band Little Mix. I chose this song because to me the song is about if I were able to go back in time I would tell my younger self to be more confident and not think about what others are saying. This message stood out to me because as a child I was extremely shy and wouldn’t speak up, I was the girl who would follow others and not be my own leader. In the lyric, “Tell her she’s beautiful, wonderful Everything she doesn’t see.” I really related to that line because I was once a girl that didn’t believe I was actually beautiful, for a while I didn’t see what everyone else saw in me and it honestly messed with my mind for years, so when I finally realized my true inner and outer beauty, I wished I had seen and known it all along. I think the song sends a positive message to all of their fans that they are beautiful and can do and be anything they want if they just have confidence. “Yeah you got a lot of time to act your age You cannot write a book from a single page Hands on the clock only turn one way” To me this lyric means that girls or anyone in general should focus on acting their age rather than trying to be older or younger because you cannot control time, meaning you can’t speed it up or slow it down hence the lyric, “Hands on the clock only turn one way.” The lyric “Run too fast and risk it all Can’t be afraid to take a fall Felt so big but you looked so small” is also significant to me because they’re saying that if you move to fast you are risking the possibility of messing your life up my trying to grow up too fast. It also says that you can’t be afraid to fall down, we all fall down sometimes, the important thing is that you pick yourself up and try again.