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My name is Kahdeidra Monét Martin, and I am teaching this course for the Spring 2018 -Session I semester at LaGuardia Community College. The official title and course number is ENG 102.0830 – Composition II (Writing Through Literature).

Our class meets on Mondays & Wednesdays, from 9:15 – 10:15am (M) and 9:15-11:30am (W). You can best reach me via email at kamartin@lagcc.cuny.edu. We will use this website in addition to Blackboard for course information.

Course Description:

How does language influence and reflect our ideas about culture? How does our language reflect our identities? Our class theme is “Multilingual Voices.” The core identity of a culture is embodied in and perpetuated by its language—the idioms, proverbs and gestures at once espouse the sanctity of tradition and salience of innovation. We will examine texts that explore diverse languaging practices and interrogate the boundaries among languages and cultures. As culturally and linguistically diverse landscapes, most of our readings will highlight multilingual voices of the United States, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. In what ways do the course texts serve as “windows,” “mirrors,” or “single stories” to our own experiences?

This course is designed to assist you in developing the critical reading and process writing skills necessary for success in college level courses. You will practice close reading, comprehension, and textual analysis skills. In addition, you will produce written and oral analyses that integrate textual evidence using appropriate MLA formatting.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use the writing process to plan, construct, and revise written paragraphs, short response papers, and essays.
  2. Apply advanced close reading strategies and literary analysis of fiction, poetry, and drama.
  3. Compose various types of written responses that explain, analyze, and synthesize concepts and themes from texts.
  4. Integrate textual evidence into your writing to explain, support, or prove your perspective, using appropriate MLA formatting and citation.

Required Texts:

  1. The drama anthology Facing Our Truth: Ten Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race, and Privilege by Pamatmat et al. (USD $9.95) You can purchase the text at the following link: http://www.samuelfrench.com/p/58272/facing-our-truth-ten-minute-plays-on-trayvon-race-and-privilege
  2. All other reading materials are in the printed course packet or on the course website as PDF files.

Required Supplies:

  1. One single-subject notebook for the course that you will be required to hand in for notebook checks throughout the semester
  2. Two folders for the course (One will be for course handouts, and the other will be used for your Portfolio at the end of the semester.)
  3. One pack of 12 count colored pencils

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  • Hi Prof. Martin,

    I look forward to this semester to learn more about this interesting theme.

    Denise H. Sparkes

  • Hi Denise,

    It was a pleasure meeting you in class today and learning more about your background. I look forward to collaborating this semester. Look for an email invitation to register for the course site.

    See you on Wednesday!
    Professor Martin

  • Hi Professor Martin,

    I am glad to be part of your amazing class. I am looking forward to broaden my knowledge, over come new challenges and have a productive semester.

    Mark Sookdeo

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your participation! I am delighted to have you and your classmates together. We already are learning much from each other, and it’s only been a week!

      Professor Martin

  • Charline Nieves
    English 102
    Prof. Martin

    Blog Response #1
    The song Rum and Coca Cola is about the military in West Indies, Trinidad. Ever since the G.I’s came over the girls have been chasing soda. They liked to drink rum and coca cola which is the significance of why Lord Invader made the song lyrics about rum and coca cola. I believe that Lord Invader choose the imagery for the song because it reminded him of his home back in Trinidad. The theme is how the U.S soldiers are seducing local woman. The song also describes how this newlywed couple got there marriage destroyed because the wife left her husband to go with a solder guy. When I first heard the song I didn’t have any idea what I was listen to because I Calypso music. Calypso Music is Afro-caribbean music which i never listen to but after looking up some information I’m glad I got a better understanding of the song. Multiculturalism plays a role in this song because it represents the Trinidad culture and the way they live. Multilingualism also plays a role in this song because not only did people from Trinidad like this song and wasn’t only sung by a Trinidadian singer. The song was also sung by the Andrews sister which was a singing group in 1925 through 1967. The song was actually was the top single in 1945 in the united states.

  • Good Afternoon Professor Martin,
    I am making this comment to let you now that my LaGuardia email is giving problems and I am not able to login into it. Until Monday when school open I will get it fixed because I have to go to the computer lab. I have already posted my poems, I just hope that I will be able to login on my account on Monday to do the online session in school.

  • 1. ” I love my Chile. When a part of you dies what do you become?”.
    2. “washing us all in cool waters cleaning us all from the inside out where the doctors fail to heal”.

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