Essay 1: The Linguistic Shape of You

What are the sounds and shapes that spell out who we are?

What is the linguistic shape of you?


As a visual component to our first essay, we used color and space to decorate pre-drawn body outlines with words that represent us.

The image appears first, and then the name of the artist appears underneath. Click on the artist name to view a larger PDF version of the image.

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Ling Shape-KM

























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  • Visual Literacy
    Linguistic Shape of You chosen is Stefania Gonzalez

    The “Linguistic Shape of You” that I have chosen to elaborate on is constructed by Stefania Gonzalez. I used this image because it has words that represent a few of my qualities. I observed that the words in this shape defined Stefania Gonzalez and that they were uniquely placed. The shape used was an outline drawing of a woman; in the head of the drawing, it mentions two words, intelligent and honest. These words explain that every thought or idea Stefania has is positively constructed. At the foot of the drawing, the words grounded and respectful characterize her foundation that allowed her to become who she is today as young woman.

    Furthermore, on the chest, the words competitive and daughter sprouted. These words are very superb because they personify that Stefania Gonzalez is persistent and she is proud to be her mother’s daughter. On the arms, writes Dominican and Honduran which represents the country and culture she came from. I felt that she placed these words on the arms to specify that no matter where she goes or whatever she becomes in life, she will never forget where she came from. This message was very effective because it describes Stefania Gonzalez without the use of verbal communication.

    My chosen body revealed that my classmate’s linguistic repertoire is divided between school and family. I say this because, she mentioned on her drawing that she was from Dominica and that she is student. Putting these two together means that she talks differently at home, from the way she talks at school with her friends, meaning there might be the use of “slang” languages. The word choices and placement reveals that Stefania Gonzalez has an extravert personality. For instance, on her “Linguistic Shape of You”, she mentions the words sporty, worker, bold and annoying which defines her as a person who likes to socialize with others.

  • I am looking at the linguistic body image of Denise which has written words on different parts of the body and at the same time with different colors. For me, the image with the text in it represents everything that defines Denise as a person and what makes her be herself. For example, she gives us to understand that she is a religious person because of the words placed on her legs: Jesus and bible. I also find interesting the place where she places them as her legs, which indicates that Jesus is an important part of her life and that he supports her day by day. In addition, the word “family” is in the center of her chest which represents that her family is and will be the main thing for her. Then, we have the word “glorious” on the top of her head, this gives us to understand that all the words written on the body make her feel glorified and grateful for who she is. However, it can also be observed that there are words written outside the body which gives us to understand that there are things of which she does not feel especially proud of herself, as, for example, being impatient and resentful. The message is effective because it makes us see a little more about who is really Denise and not what we perceive only from the outside.
    I think that Denise’s linguistic report shows that she is a person who is sincere with herself. Also, after seeing where she places each word and what color she uses for each of them I can say that Denise is a person who loves what she does and grateful for what she has.

  • I am looking at the linguistic body image of Trish which has multiple colors on her body with words written in it. I see that outside the body she has her height written showing that she is 5’4, and she has the word confused written side ways, in different colors for each word. In the image I also notice outside the body she drew a small pet dog which I assume she likes dogs. To me this image means to describe the person that Trish is for example she is strong, and she put that word on her arms and Independent meaning she does not depend on anyone else. Another word that she use to describe herself is animal lover, which I can tell because I noticed she drew a pet dog. I notice that every words that she uses to describe herself, she also uses a specific type of color, for example for her hair she colored it brown and wrote brunette meaning thats the color of her hair. I also noticed she put her name and used the color yellow, what I think it means is that she is positive, she has a lot of energy, and a happy person. The message is effective because we get to see what kind of person Trish is, it tells us a little more about her personality. For example she tells us that she is a vegetarian which I find to be cool and would have never guessed that. I think that Trish linguistic report shows that she passionate about herself. After seeing her image I can see that she is caring and loving to animals, and that she is strong and independent to take care of herself.

  • The body shape that really popped out to me was Yuwal’s piece. I’m looking at the male body outline with words and some illustrations. When I look at this piece I see someone who is creative. It originally caught my eye because of the tiny illustrations and how some seemed to be attached to some of the words. When I look at this visual I can tell that has a very positive outlook on his sense of sense of self. His use of words like, intelligent, unique, honest and humble are all great characteristics to have. However, when he used the word procrastinate with a little sad face next to I assume that this may be a characteristic that maybe he would like to work on and improve.
    I don’t think that the placement of all the words has any significance, there are some words that you can tell were placed in certain areas to illustrate there meaning. Such as intelligent being on the top portion of the head and bilingual being where the mouth would be. I feel that Yuwal relied more on the small drawing that are by certain words. They add someone that catches the eye and draws the reader in to what he was trying to portray in this picture. Yuwal’s body shaped shows me that he may be a very visual person who also may just enjoy drawing. The visual aids are a very nice creative touch. I enjoyed the drawing of the world with the word traveling on top and down the earth on the inside. I wish he would have added creative someone on his piece because it is clear with this body shape that he is.

  • Michelle has an interesting Linguistic body posted with many colors and words written everywhere. This tells me a lot about her personality already, we can see that she is excited to work on this project and we can see what she thinks of herself. Taking a closer look the words on her body describe a lot more, we can see she cares a lot about her hair because she went out of her way to draw on her long hair. This image shows me what people are thinking about themselves and how they might also be thinking about what others are saying about them. That gives us more of a reason to be careful what we say because it might hurt someone’s feelings or even cause them to become insecure. There are plenty of words inside the image and thinking about these words we can see how she is describing herself. Not only is Michelle describing her personality but also she has words that describe what makes her herself. Words like shy, nice, observant, intelligent in the chest area describe what she mainly thinks of herself. This image has lots of color coding that divides each part of herself and those parts have words that mean certain things. Just by reading these words and by looking at where they are placed I can imagine her personality in real life. In this visual literacy body we can see her idiolect, we can see how she some words connect to herself for example “patient” she is someone who waits her turn and voices only what she thinks is intelligent and useful.
    -Abel Reyes

  • Saul Lopez
    English 102

    Response #2

    Part- A

    I am looking at the Victor’s “linguistic shape of you “ body and it shows what he sees in himself and what he represents and what other people see him as well. The image means how victor sees him self and what he represents and how he feels towards him self. He also shows how some people would see him weather if it could be something physical or financial. I think the image to me means that he doesn’t really express himself as much but he knows what is really going around him. Victor shows that he is mainly “quite “ and “calm” and he loves to do programming which does show that he really like doing what he does even if people say otherwise. I this that the relationship between that image and the text is that he displays them in certain areas like for example, the word calm which is located on his throat can symbolize something for him which makes him feel that he’s calm.
    I think this message is important because Victor is a basic person and doesn’t really like to express as much because he know who he is and can do fine without the help of others. I believe that Victor is good at what he does but it seems that he does have a little bit of a problem with some people judging him. He has to understand that he can move pass that and move on because he can do something great and the more he peruse that the more successful he can become.

  • Am looking at bold statements of descriptions of Michelle. There is a lot of character and larger than life message, even the perceived negativity is bold and totally owned. She tries to capture all the different aspects of herself to be fully understood and be out there.
    It means that this person has looked deep within themselves to bring out their attributes, even her chosen shape shows a defiance to the norm, futuristic thoughts and form. The relationship comes across as confident and no-nonsense, “this is what I am about world” attitude, warrior-like in her presence, maybe why she chose this shape. It is effective in showing the different color schemes that speak volumes with the emboldened words and colors she chooses to convey her multilingual layers of Michelle, her depth and intensity and digging deep to bring this out so we can see a bit of her, without speaking to her.
    The reading shows us that we aren’t all that different and we can be transparent to each other, perceived flaws and all. Language variety choice and word placement shows that Michelle is well rounded and is loud and proud of all that encompasses her total self and her recognition of it. Balance in thought stood out to me, as she shows power and control of what she knows and thinks of herself, not a misguided introspection of self.

  • The body that I choose to focus on is Denise’s linguistic visual body design. We are good friends but it gave me more knowledge of who she is as an individual. What I am looking at is visual body image of how she views herself and also the words she used to describe herself. Such as Jesus to show how important her relationship with Jesus is. What this image mean to me is Identity because it’s showing who she is and the word that make up her personality.The relationship between the image and the displayed text message is that all the words she put on the inside of her is to show what makes her the person that she is today. This message is effective because it can make others be more open to share how they are and how they view themselves and their bodies. What my chosen body reveals about my classmate’s linguistic repertoire is that she is a patois which is also known as Jamaican Creole by linguistics. What the word choice and placement reveal about my classmates personality is how certain words flow throughout their body. Like for example how she had the word “Bible” is written very big and bold because it shows how much an impact the bible has on her life and how much it means to her.

  • 1.)What am I looking at?
    I am looking at a visual illustration of Charlene Nieves. The body she has chosen to represent her exterior image is an outline of a female. She has chosen to draw and color in her hair. She also chose to split the image horizontally into two parts. The upper half colored in red whereas the lower half of the body is colored in blue. In the exterior of the bodies outline, Charline has written two words (humble, determined) in big letters vertically, placing them in opposite sides of each other in a parallel manner. One of the letters she has written in red (humble), and the other in blue (determined). The inside of the body includes many words that fill it’s volume, words that are a characterization of her persona.

    2.)What does this image mean to me?
    What struck me most about the image is the choice of color. Red and blue are two colors that carry a lot of symbolic meaning. For example, red is a color associated with passion, love, fire, danger, anger, and adventure. Whereas blue is associated with water, depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Her decision of separating the two colors by dividing her body into two parts perhaps reveals that there are two sides to Charline, each half contradicts the other. One side of her is warm compassionate and loving, whilst the other is cold, eager and determined. However, the middle ground is when both colors are intertwined, creating a beautiful purple balance. This is the point of intersection, where both her personalities merge into one, creating Charline.

    3.)What is the relationship between the image and the displayed text message?
    The words humble and determined are words that typically contradict one another. Humble is defined as being self deprecating and grounded, in contrast, determined is defined as decisive and in control. When Charline wrote these words on her visual body she specifically chose to enlarge them, and place them outside the body. In addition, she has chosen to write them in different color, red for humble, and blue for determined. The color red perfectly classifies the humble aspect, humbleness can be associated with terms such as warm, loving, and compassionate. Charline has written determined in blue to associate the term with cold, eager, depth, and intelligence. The reason the words are written parallel of each other is because neither word will ever intersect with one another. Their only commonality is that both are used to describe Charline. The placement of the text played a crucial role in interpreting the message that the visual is attempting to display. Although Charline did not explicitly state what the colors and word choices mean in her visual, both the arrangement of words and choice of color forces the reader to dig deep within the surface to uncover the true meaning of the image.

    4.) How is this message effective?
    The message was effective because it asserts that as humans we possess more than one personality and there are several sides to us, sometimes sides that contradict each other. Rather then being ashamed of who we are, we must learn to embrace our unique characteristics. Charline has done so when she has chosen to merge both her personalities into one; red side with her blue side forming the purple.

    5.)What does your chosen body reveal about your classmate’s linguistic repertoire?
    Charline leans towards positive terms to define herself, words such as: open-minded, strong, energetic, and brave. Based off of her word choices the reader can infer that Charline gives off a positive, energetic vibe, and that her linguistic repertoire is optimistic and buoyant.

    6.)What does the word choice and placement reveal about your classmate’s personality?
    In her visual, Charline has chosen to write all the words inside the body horizontally and the words outside vertically. This reveals that Charline is an organized individual that likes structure because all her words are written in a linear manner and each word is evenly spaced.

  • Michelle’s work stood out to me the most because It is filled with colors and shapes which really catches my eye. While I was looking at it and reading the words around I realized that the words that aren’t in bubbles but are highlighted in green are what people think of her or how they see her as. This struck me because many times I have heard the same words used to describe me. I think Michelle did a great job using color and her words, positive words are bubbled and have different colors and the negative words are just highlighted. Her word choice shows me that she has a rich vocabulary that you can see all throughout her piece. The way she places her words throughout the paper is eye-pleasing because you will find yourself moving your eyes all through the page which means nothing is left unread. I can also tell that she is the kind of person that focuses on the positive since her favorable words stand out the most and there are more good things about her than negative which is how it should always be in my opinion. Overall Michelle’s work is effective because it is eye catching with color and words but also makes your wonder who is the person behind the work and where are they from. It also inspires you to jot down the great things that make you who you are in different colors and the languages that represent the person you are and your background.

  • I am looking at the idiolect of Trish. I see many colors and I find it interesting how many of the “pieces” that make her who she is are sewn together through the use of sutures. This image shows me that trish is a strong, independent, opinionated animal lover. The small dog next to her body also supports this aspect of Trish’s persona. The word confused and her height may represent how the outside world perceives her. I think this because height is a superficial thing that anyone looking at you can see. Seeing confused outside along with height makes me think this is also something superficial that people may think or assume simple based on looks. The words used by Trish to describe herself show me the opinions from outside aren’t relevant to Trish since she is strong with her views and opinions. I see Trish as a strong person who isn’t bothered by those outside opinions since they don’t reflect the person she is on the inside. This image is effective in portraying Trish as a whole since her characteristics complement one another and make her who she says she is. Seeing the words strong, empathetic and brunette repeated in her linguistic repertoire makes me assume they hold a deeper meaning than simply what is on the surface or what one may think they mean. The word choice and placement she used shows me her creative, figurative depiction of herself and also how it supports who she says to be.

  • Magali Cosio

    I am looking at the image that Charline Nieves did. This image has a lot of words that I like in her Linguistic shape she has words that can inspired anyone.
    In this image you can see two words very big, humble and Determined this two words mean a lot to me because I believe that this two words mean a lot to me because I believe that this two words is very nice to have because No Mather how successful and how good you are in live humble should never stop being an option. There is a quote that says ”stay humble and never understimate the ability of another. Because being humble has more credit than just being successful a person who is humble can gain more than just being successful. I am so glad Charline wrote the word humble Big because that is a word that is very important for me as well.

    I believe that is no difference between the image and the displayed text message In the image Charline drew the image with the color red and blue,those colors are full of humble, love, and kindness which is how she describes herself in her image that is why I say that she had no difference with her displayed text message.

    how is this message effective? when i started reading Charline Linguistic shape it brought me a lot of inspiration, she used the words such as Determined, Talented, bright,passionate etc. for me these words describe a person who loves to live who is a person that will work hard for there dreams. a person like this is an inspiration.

  • Part A
    That she look to the future and that she is someone that is very composed. the relationship between the image and the text message is that they both describe who the person is. also what make them who they are. That even the little things can make up something big in their life. I believe this message is effective because it shows that not only this individual but many more people have different traits but there is always something that makes us all the same. The linguistic repertoire that reveals my classmate is they take positively about who they are and who they are also about basically what makes them up. The word choice reveals that my classmate has a personality that is very upbeat. That she is not the type to let anything hold her back that family attitude and everything make up who she is and her personality. she uses the words funny, family, loved, strong ,confidence, intelligence, and woman. This shows that she is a girl that is going to do well and not have anything stop her or even get in her way. even if she does have a problem she won’t even have an issue with it that she will conquer it and it won’t be a problem for her. The words that she used make ur who she is as a person and what make her unique. All the words that she described makes up her personality. Finally that everyone is special in their own way and are very unique.

  • Mario Zamudio
    Prof. Martin

    The classmate i decided to chose interpret was Abel. I chose Abel because some of the words that would he described about himself, can also be described into my character. the words that he chose were: family and Friendly. i describe myself to be a family kind of person. to me family always comes first especially my mother. i also describe myself to be a friendly kind of person because i get along with most or even all the people i get to both meet and interact with. Abel’s linguistic repetoire showed me that the lack of words that he used might be because he might be shy in describing his feelings about himself.

  • I’m looking at linguistic shape of Raquel that is structured with specific words on a specific part of her body. To me this image means representation of her characteristics through words. And the relationship between her image and the text is that it convey a message that she is a intelligent woman. This massage is effective because it provides with all of the information that define her as a person. The shape of her body shows her personality and the type of person she is. The words she used to describe herself are strong, self lover, confidence, intelligent, believer, mexican, family, fighter, giver, daughter, happiness, passionate, equality, hope, dignity, etc.. which shows that she is a strong woman who loves herself and she is proud of her identity as being part of mexican. Also, She express a strong connection about the importance of her family. She consider herself as a believer which I think is important for individuals. She described herself as a big sister, caring and responsible which demonstrates that she takes care of her siblings and she have lots of responsibilities as a daughter and a big sister. She fights for the things that matters to her the most. She believe is equality people with all race to be treated equally and fairly. She likes being positive and respecting others. To me the shapes of her body convey her personality as a powerful woman who admire the things she loves, and confidence of the things she does in her life. she is proud to be the person she is honest, positive, and caring.

  • John Quizhpi
    Eng 102

    The linguistic shape I will review belongs to Sanjida Akther. I have selected this image because of the similar characteristics that I see within myself. The body outline chosen to display Sanjida’s persona is a woman meaning she identifies as a female. In this image, I see Sanjida’s realistic definition of herself and opinions of her opposition. Starting at the top of the body layout Sanjida has placed the word reliable. The word placement could signify importance since it’s a no brainer that she is responsible and attentive. The legs in my eyes are the foundation to sustain the upper body, therefore the words independent, forgiving and quiet display her overall personality. Centered around the heart is religion in this case, being Muslim can be sacred to Sanjida and is followed along by hijab. A Hijab is a head covering worn by some Muslim women. The words happy, patient are the two words which help her move in life. The arms are constantly in motion and placing them there could be how she maneuvers herself through life. The message of her linguistic shape shows a caring, independent, and knowledgeable daughter/woman. The message is effective because it distinguishes itself from the negative vibes from the outside. The hateful opinions out of the body outline reflect nothing within and broadens the message of peace, love and prosperity.
    The linguistic repertoire based on the female body outline displays Sanjida’s identity. This pose if more relaxed than the female body outline which curved around the hips and probably represents her to the closest margin possible. Sanjida’s linguistic repertoire shows an exceptional collection of personality, sincerity and truth. The placement of words all around show a well-rounded person and use of the word positive can only magnify her truest intention.

  • Part A

    I am looking at Abel’s linguistic shape of himself. By looking at his image to me it means that he is a simple person with a lot of positive energy, i can see that he cares alot about people he loves for example in the shape he mentions his MAMA and Family and the word father in his neck perhaps symbolizing the importance of his father. The image also makes me interpret him as a caring person and likes to have fun and enjoy the moment. The relationship i noticed between the image and the displayed text message is that he had the words really separated from each other with different colors to make them stand out individually. I was also able to notice that he is more of a simple person that can describe himself without needing too many words, he is more direct and specific with a few words and people get to understand what kind of person he is. This message is effective because i found that every part of the body that he put a word was specifically to go there it wasn’t like he put the words randomly, i was able to learn a more about him and understand how nice and a friendly person he is. The chosen body reveal that abel linguistic repertoire was a simple image meaning he is just a simple person and doesn’t need so much around him. He seems like he isn’t so complicated about things he is just chil.

  • Chosen “Linguistic Shape of You”: Raquel Jimenez

    The “linguistic shape of you” I chose was by Raquel. I chose this shape because the words she used to describe herself came across as very candid and sincere. Her “linguistic shape of you” exudes confidence; and not only because its written down as a characteristic. What this means, and shows me, is that Raquel is very sure of herself and who she is as an individual. Words like funny, sarcasm, and humble, are all words that I can relate to. They’re descriptive words but also leave room for questions. Questions like what kind of sense of humor does she have, is sarcasm part of that sense of humor, and what are the things you feel keep you humble?

    Looking at her linguistic shape, the correlation between word and body is not, for the most part, indicative of the words being used. For example, the words courage, dignity, and artistic, are not placed in parts of the body where that attribute might resonate. I think that this makes the terms used more representative of her wholesome self. For me I see it as all these traits radiating throughout her. Having this sense of randomness throughout the figure sends a message that she’s not made up of one of these facets. There are multiple layers to her, and together they equally make up who she is.

    Raquel’s linguistic repertoire seems poetic. Using words like paradox, and phrases such as “perfectly-imperfect”, speak to a deeper understanding of herself, like one of a poet. Her word choices are suggestive of her artistic nature, as well as the extra added details to the mannequin. All in all, Raquel’s linguistic shape is telling but also leaves the door open to want to get to know more about her.

  • Im looking at Michelles body linguistic, very colorful body image and she used cool colors to describe herself and what she believe about her own appearance in assumptions and generalizations. She represents herself in the drawing or how she looks as herself. She also wrote her physical experience or how she feel about her body and how people see her without looking inside her. To me, this image means that we all feel this way such as sometimes we feel beautiful but sometimes ugly just like Michelle. It also seems like she is describing herself in her own point of view. This image is effective because we all can relate to this in many ways. Our mood changes and sometimes we might feel useless but sometime view ourselves as a responsible person. Her personality reveal that she is sometimes outgoing but sometimes she is shy. I can relate to her in most of her personality because this is how I feel most of the time. Finally, how people see her body linguistic in negative ways like “PIG, stupid, freak, fat, useless, and gullible” there will be times when you see or hear things that will upset you, and affect your view of your body. At these times, you need to be able to understand what you are feeling, and why, help you manage and master these feelings, and avoid them affecting your body image on a permanent basis. Instead we have to feel ourselves as passionate, responsible, humble hardworking person to avoid the negative comments that people do about you.

  • The body shape that I chose is Yuwal. The image attracted my attention at the first sight. The light surrounds body. It seemed like a comic character who has super power. Because of that, the first impression that the body shape gave me is powerful and confident. As expected, I found the word “strong” on the body’s leg. After that, my sight moved onto the head of the body because head is top of the image and it is one of important parts of human body. First, the easiest to see is money. Usually, people prefer to put emotion on the head part. However, Yuwal put money on the conspicuous position on head part. It tells us money is very important thing to Yuwal so it is put on head. Near the money, I saw intelligent, unique, and bilingual around the money. I guess those properties to help Yuwal to get money. Then, my sight moved to the heart, another important part of human body. There is a word in the heart but I can’t see it clearly. However, I can know that the word is significant to Yuwal. Beside the heart is that Nepal and the American flag. The background of Yuwal. There are a lot of words on the body shape, but I couldn’t take one by one, but every word shows how the person, Yuwal, is. All the words are his characteristic.
    The position of the words show how important to the people. It means that the words put on important part is also important to the people. That is the relationship between image and text message. The body shape, images, and words, which means text message, work together to show information to people.
    On the body shape, the head part shows that Yuwal is a bilingual person. Then, I found a language, called Hindi English, that Yuwal speak. The Hindi English is on the shoulder. Shoulder connects body and arm. So Hindi English works as a connection for Yuwal.

  • The Linguistic Body that I have chosen to analyze was John’s. What I am looking describes much of what I am and what things I do for hobbies, entertainment. This person included where he is from, his pets, what his interests are and how active he is in the outdoors. Though the image doesn’t have much more detail in the form of colors, drawings, symbols, that doesn’t stop anyone from seeing the imagery that the words in the body outline can automatically bring. This person is someone who seemingly has lots of fun and enjoys his persona.
    This image contains elements that stick out to me right away. It portrays words such as creativity, science, math, technology which may not mean much to many but to me reflects my excitement and allure towards these kinds of things. This person is probably into the STEM field and I can finally have another person to engage with in the math and science field. Other things I find meaningful is the fact that he mentions that he is creative. Creativity is important to me because it inspires others to think like this and they themselves can be as creative which is something that gives me a rush of excitement and satisfaction.
    The relationship between the image and the displayed text is that the words are not very category specific(located in particular areas). This was probably intended to highlight his diverse course of actions. It could mean that he is very open to anything and tries to capture the attention of anyone at first glance.
    This message is effective in that other people can see themselves in others thinking that they are too different only to find that there are many people out there that are similar to us in the things we do and our personalities. Sure some qualities are not the same but that is what makes us unique to one another. It would be kind of boring to see the exact same copies of us so many times.
    What my chosen body reveals about my classmate’s linguistic repertoire is that he directly tells us what he is all about without the use of obvious imagery and other forms of symbols typically embedded in works like this.
    What the word choice and placement reveals about my classmate’s personality is that he likes to show off in a good way what he knows, does, and likes.

  • The image I am looking at Shay image. When I look at the linguistic shape I can see that Shay is someone who likes to learn. She seems to know a lot about science, physics, and chemistry. The lines that are around the image body must be magnetic fields. The color choices that were used for the magnetic field show a positive and relaxing feeling. Inside the body I can see that drew atoms, water, and a surfboard could me that she loves those things. The relationship between the image and the text show her personality and interests. When I look at this image I could see that her hobbies could be swimming, surfing, reading books, and playing sports. The choice of words that caught my attention is philosophy and questioning since, I also like to ask questions about life. I can see that she loves physics more since there a lot of terms that come from physics such as electrons, atoms, protons, quantum mechanics, magnetic fields and special relativity. Also judging by these certain terms, I can see that these are her favorite topics in physics. The placement for the words such as science, psychology, and emotions could mean that she keeps these things in mind from time to time. In the end I could tell Shay is someone who thinks positive and has an interest in learning while questioning her surroundings. She is also caring to her family. She seems to like to spend her time indoors and outdoors doing various activities. Linguistic shape helps us understand more about a person in a creative way using words and images and colors.

  • I am looking at a visual illustration of Michelle.The outline of her body is a female. Michelle did an amazing job of illustrating herself between visual representations a descriptive representation. Her page is full of bright vibrant colors which also go along with the words that are represented on the page.

    The image meant a lot to me. It shows that Michelle is a woman that is made up of many positive characteristics, which you can not find in everybody you encounter. Also seeing that she has what people may think of her on the outside, all her positive things on the inside outweighs whats on the outside and that means a lot. As humans, you have to know your self worth so to me if you could find more wrongs than rights within yourself, you truly do not know your worth and I feel like Michelle displayed that she truly does know her worth.

    I don’t really feel the theres a relationship between the text and the visuals. Michelle does group some similar meaning words together like “shy” and “introvert”. She also groups the words “skillful” “loyal” “Ambitious” and “Compassionate” with the blue color. These are great characteristics because they can be used to help someone.

    The message was effective because I feel that Michelle was very transparent. She told us exactly what she thinks about herself. Michelle also displayed the flaws that she believes others think of her. I feel like transparency is key because it lets you know that you are not alone in whatever you go through. So with Michelle identifying what she feels what people think about her, others who identify with the struggles can speak to her about it.

    The body reveals that her repertoire is outstanding. She uses words such as witty, diligent, introvert, Earnest, Altruistic. I haven’t seen anybody really use those words to describe themselves before. Her word choice definitely goes with the characteristics that she expressed of herself and it also identifies what her personality is.

    -Frank Leone

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