Melissa Lozada Oliva: Peluda

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Guatemalan descent, Melissa Lozada-Oliva is a nationally touring poet, educator, and bookseller from Boston, Massachusetts. She is 2015 National Poetry Slam Champion, a Brenda Mosley Video Slam Winner, and currently an MFA candidate at NYU’s poetry program.

Peluda explores the intersecting narratives of body image, hair removal, and Latina identity.


Reversing “the insult,” empowering women through poetry and spoken word videos 

Group Questions

.In “You Know How To Say Arroz con Pollo but Not What You Are,” the poet points out the linguistic divide between her parents and her, as a first generation child. Expand on her complex relationship with the Spanish language.

.In “Origin Regime,” the poet tells the story of their parents as newly-arrived immigrants in the U.S., her family life, and her mom eventual beauty business. Thinking about all these interrelated elements how you interpret the last line of the poem: “we can see jor face now.”

.”Maybe She’s born with It”  states that the poet’s mom could never get away from being the cleaning lady, even when she started working in the beauty business. Expand.

. In “Lip/ Stain/ Must/ Ache” and “AKA What Would Jessica Jones Do?” Lozada-Oliva presents two confronting versions of Latina womanhood inspired by examples from literature an TV. Explain.

. “My Hair Stays on Your Pillow” examines prejudices against Latinas and the self-doubts produced by whitewashing. Discuss.

.Explain the connection between the poet self-image and the following lines of “What if my Last Name”:

“she will get brown/ enough to be asked where is she/ from & this is how she will know/ she is different.”

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  • How your parents’ worldview, relationship, and work field marked the way you currently process and maybe understand your life?

  • My parents world view, relationship, and work fields definitely plays a huge part on how i process and understand life. My father gave me great advice about picking careers to work in. My mother always keep me focused on making good life decision as well as doing good in school. These are just couple of ways that both of my parents helped me.

  • My parents work field and worldview have definitely influenced the way that I understand my life. As the son of a Bangladeshi immigrant, my father taught me the potential that hard-work yields. In the same sense, I felt like I had the ability to grow into anything I wanted to. I feel like the world is my oyster.

    Apart from that, I see myself as a member of a larger community than the one I currently live in. I am attached in some way to my parents’ lives back home and to my grandfather’s life, after whom I am named. Understanding life better may be understanding my identity and culture more, but also transcending that identity with my own desires in response to the contemporary world.

  • My mother’s worldview has a significant impact on how I currently process and understand my life. Her advices, hard work and courage made me understand that I need to go after my goals in life, always with respect, effort and hardwork. Being a single mom allowed her to explore different work fields and her efforts make me understand that anything I could achieve in life is possible because of her hard work.

  • My parents’ worldview, relationship, and work field marked the way I currently process and understand my life by providing me with a template of how I should treat and act with others. Whether it be in the work field or with friends/family members. They instilled the values of hard work, dedication, perseverance and respect within me and I carry it with me everyday as I live my life.

  • My parent’s worldview, relationship and work field have a vital impact in my current life and they made me understand the real world. My father being diligent hard worker, supporter and sacrificing his life for us made me understand the value of family, love and faith. Similarly, my mother being a faithful, hardworking, teaching me to respect and care the people despite your conditions has brought a lot change in my life. Though she is far away from me but her teachings and life styles are engraved in my heart so that I am living well today following her rules of life with dignity within me.

  • My parents’s worldview, relationship and work field marked the way i currently process and understand life. My parents are immigrants from Guyana. Neither of them finished high school, so education is very important in my family. My parent have always instilled the importance of hard work and respect at a very young age. And no matter what relationship, personal and professional ” your work is the most valuable thing you own”.

  • My parents world view, relationship, and work fields help me to understand the reality of the world. They teach the importance of education and to set goals in life. Also, to respects and help others in need. My parents also thought me that families love are unconditional and families should always stick together in the good and bad.

  • My parents’ worldview, relationship, and work field has definitely marked the way I currently process and understand my life. I believe my mother has had the most influence on my life. She is a strong powerful woman but didn’t get to go to school because women in my country weren’t encouraged to go to school back then, so she especially emphasizes the importance of education. But also treating people with kindness because we never know when we might run into them and they could be of help to us. We also value family a lot because at the end of the day, family is a we have.

  • My parents’ worldview, relationship, and work field marked the way I currently process and understand my life in many ways. I use their views and experiences as a way to lead me when I’m stuck in difficult situations, I usually just stop and think what would they do and which would have the best out come for me. Most of all though it just gives me motivation to work hard for what I want in life.

  • Since I was mostly raised by my grandparents due to some circumstances, the most things that got impact on me till now is being grateful and happy for what I have,never compare and complain on life. Having a hard childhood during the war time when there was no food, no clothes, they didn’t give up and wished to be educated and while working hard they managed to finish at least 9 classes. I grew up on their stories, so their experience helps me to go through life difficulties much easier and I learned the true meaning and value of many things.

  • My parent’s worldview, relationship, and work field influenced my life in many ways. My parents immigrated to the states so my sister’s and I could have a better future, especially our education. My father was hardworking, teaching us the value of money, insuring we all have great credit and to save up money. In comparison, my mother taught us to be kind, respectful to other people and help those who need it the most. But one thing is for sure, they taught my us to be strong no matter how hard the circumstances over came in our lives. My parents are big supporters on my education. When I saw them working hard in the past, it made me want to strive harder in life to reach my ambitions.

  • My parents’ worldview was for sure the fundamental base to the currently process of my life. Relationships and field market also helped me to built the character I have today. My parents moved from a country state to a metropolitan city in Brazil to try a new life. Years later the story would repeat with me but instead of states I would be traveling between countries. Both of my parents were prohibit to study until the age of 15. My grandparents were mostly concerned how to bring food to the table instead of reading and writing. I grew up look up at my mom who raised three children by herself after my father’s fatal heart-attack. Me and my brothers until today value her hard work to keep us in track, providing us the best she could and making sure all of us would one day be graduated. My relationships and field market were an important road to help my development in self-confidence and personal grown, believing I am able to achieve whatever I dedicate my mind to.

  • My parents worldview gave me my foundation in life. Pride hard work and sacrifice. Honesty, integrity and honor. My mom always made us feel like we was representing ,more than ourselves. As a small child I didn’t get it at first. Then she would keep drilling it in our heads. In my home no one on the planet was better or more worthy of praise and respect than us.

  • My parents worldview was the corner stone of our training as children. My parents explained the difference of royalty and poverty. Mom especially made us walk proudly and upright. I grew up like I was in the army.

  • My parent’s worldview, relationship and work field marked the way I view my life. I’ve learned that nothing in this life comes easy and that when you work hard for something you appreciate it more. Their view also helped me understand that one should always be grateful and thankful for what you have because there are many who don’t have anything.

  • my parents worldview, relationship and work field has helped me tremendously the way i process and understand my life. My parents are hard working citizens and educated as well. My father is from the south and my mother is from New York City. So, both of my parents have instilled in me to work very hard, always learn something new, and earn everybody respect by being prepared.

  • My parents’ worldview, relationship, and work field have helped me structure how I process and understand my life. My parents came into this country from having nothing and working really hard to achieve everything they have today from owning houses and business. They have always told me that there is no limit to how far I want to go in life, no matter what anyone tells me. Also that the only way we learn in life is from our mistakes. To add they taught me that the key to reaching our goals is to dream big, think positive, share our kindness to others, and most importantly be yourself.

  • According to the responses, parents offered the ethical template for everyday life. They represent hope, empowerment, motivation, respect, integrity, educational values, economic awareness, hardships, sacrifices and an overall connection with cultural heritage.

  • Parents are the first example for their children. The way my parents worked with unity and love to provided for my siblings and myself made me realize that life is very precious. They never complained and were always opened for conversations. They taught us to respect others especially elders, work hard for what we need and to secure a solid educational background.

  • My parents worldview was the world doesn’t owe you anything, so in that way that how they brought up me and my sister. My parents also give me that you have to work hard in order to get what you want, nothing is handed to you, you must work hard to achieve something. My mother grew up with immigrant parents and that pushed her to always keep family around. Family is one of the most important things to care about and always keep them first.

  • My parents were very centered around education. Coming from a household with Spanish as the primary language; educational advancement was a huge theme in my family. My Abuela being the first to completed her nursing degree followed by my mother later obtaining a Master’s degree in Communications. Although it took sometime for me to re-enroll into school the foundation that was instilled ensured that i returned to the path that was laid before me as a child.

  • Well, the sole reason that my family migrated to the US was that my father was a diplomat. He studied international law or diplomacy. Either one, I’m not sure. It was very different from what I expected. Him being a former ambassador is quite amazing really, even if the majority of people have no idea of where Sao Tome & Principe is on a map. Looking back, politics was no doubt a big part of the family’s life I guess.

  • Very early in my life when my parents were still together, they taught my sister and I that hard work would pave the way of your success in life. Both parents were limited in education but put a strong emphasis on work. Both were blue-collar workers but managed to save and buy a home for our family. After my parents split, the majority of the burden fell to my mother. Watching my mom struggle was painful and the emotional stress proved too much and we were sent us to live with grandparents; who could provide a stable environment. Both my grandparents not only worked blue-collar jobs but they both owned their own businesses. This shift of actually gave my sister and I better opportunities to advance in our own lives. We both have a strong work ethic and were able to go to college and my younger brother ventured out on his own as an owner/operator truck driver.

  • I do believe that my parents played a great role in the development of my understanding of life. We are the products not only our nature but the environment we were nurtured in. Parents involuntarily pass on their worldviews onto their children through the stories they tell their children, through the behaviour they encourage or reprimand. My parents always valued hard work as they both came from difficult backgrounds, the only way out of which was hard work. Their priorities meant that I was relegated to second place in a backwards kind of way. In their attempts to provide for me and themselves, I was left to my own devices in most cases. This taught me that life is not easy, that everything must be learned on your own, that there is no one who will tell you what to do. To be honest I am truly grateful for their actions as they ensured that I became self sufficient in every way.

  • Parents always have a great influence on the way their children perceive and process the world around them. Children are the product of their parent’s nature, genetics, but also their nurture, the way they are raised. My parents came from difficult backgrounds and as such they did everything in their power to ensure that I did not go through the same. However in their pursuits, I was relegated to the back seat in a way, everything I know, I learned on my own, no one held my hand. I am truly grateful to them for it however, as it saw to it that I am fully capable of taking care of myself no matter what.

  • My parents, the way they grew up in their country Bangladesh plays a big roll in the way I live today. They make me get a good education and make sure I do good in school, this is because they way they lived, they didnt really get to go to school. The way they were raised was very different than how we in America are raised, because of them I understand that their are a lot of people out there that have nothing, so not to take anything granted

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