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Often times the subject of money may be uncomfortable to some and may become difficult for some to embrace the feelings that we get associated with money. Money may affect each one of us, either in a negative or positive way depending on how it is directed towards us.  Whether you’re a person that comes from a very “rich” background/culture or just a regular person “living by means”. It’s said that money is a source of energy. How can we determine that money is energy? Is money part of law of attraction? Should we change our perspective on how we view money? This paper will address the feelings associated with money and state facts alongside information on how money may be connected to Law of Attraction as well as how it may be a source of energy.


  1. Do you think that you were able to develop an interesting and clear thesis that is well supported by the sources you have found to date? If not, what part of your thesis need more supporting evidence? How will find this evidence? A: Yes, I believe I developed an interesting and clear thesis that is supported by the sources I researched. However, I would like to expand more on my introductory paragraph/ thesis statement. I know that I’ll be able to think of more things to write
  2. What is your next step in the process of researching and writing your paper? A: My next step is to continue to find articles on how money is consider a source of energy. I found three articles to support my topic, however I want to continue to do my research and see how it may connect to the law of attraction, find how and why money may affect a person.



Paper Sketch Assignment

The Horrors of the Internet


Question and Thesis:

  • How do people access the deep web or dark web? Can people access these hidden websites with a regular engine? If so how? What’s the difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web?
  • Many people use the dark web or deep web to do illegal activities and view private documents that can’t be seen or found by a regular browser. Only 4% of the content on the internet is open to public and seen by everyone, but 96% of the internet is closed off to us and is not accessible without a special engine. This is what we call the dark web.

Introductory Paragraph:

  • We live in a world that technology is rapidly growing. From cars to buildings, electronics to entertainment, and from medicines to advance medical treatment. The world is changing all around us very quickly. Most of us can’t really go a day without technology. One thing we all use is our phones and computers. This is how we socialize with others, watch movies, television, videos online, or listen to music. All of us do it one way or another. We all are connected and use the internet to help in daily tasks now but what if I told you there’s more to the internet than meets the eye. Have you ever wonder how big the cyber world really is? You have no idea. When we use the internet we only use 4% of it, which is known as the Surface Web. The other 96% that is inaccessible is known as Deep Web or as the Dark web. This is where many can see private documents that is not meant to be seen or to do illegal activities without a trace.

Planning your paper:

  • The Deep Web can sometimes can be view on Surface Web that we all use to see Medical Records, Legal Documents, Financial Records, and other personal information of yourself, but the Dark Web can’t. You need to have a engine call Tor to view the Dark Web which you can use to view other people’s personal information and do identity theft, or worst do human trafficking.


  • Everyone uses the internet but it is all on you about you use it. No one is stopping you for using the internet for your own benefits but be safe when doing so because many people will try to steal you identity especially when you use the Dark Web.

Two Research Topics

The two research topics that I am thinking about writing is the effects of war in Europe, and the middle east. My second research topic I’m thinking about writing is the difference between browsing on the deep web and the dark web.
For my first topic the question I really want to find in my research is how war affected Europe in a good way and the bad. I wanna know why a few countries really despise England and French. The real reason I want to do this research is find the purpose why Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is in the state it is in right now, why are these countries have so much suffering happening right now? For my second topic about the difference between the deep web and dark web I want to know how people can access them and how it work, knowing that it’s very different than the surface web that we use in a daily base. The other important understanding I want to research on about this topic is the good that comes out of people browsing the deep or dark web and the type of currency that is use there, knowing that using your credit card or debit may put your identity at risk. Another question I will be researching on is the surface web content bigger than the dark web or deep web content and can you access the dark web content using a regular engine?
The way I will find my answer is to do some research online about my two topics. I will be using the LaGuardia library database to find the journals I need to find conclusion for questions I need to complete my research paper. I also will be using Google Scholar to help me get a better understanding on my topics, plus some reports, news, and if needed a broadcast. Another good idea I might use for the dark web topic it to interview someone who might know or use the dark web on a daily base or used it before, if and only if I can find someone who will tell me their story about using it. If I can’t find anything that will help me in anyway on my paper I have no choice but to visit the library and hopefully find some information there if not my last resort is to use wikipedia to help me understand my topic a lot better. Another thing I must not forget to do is to cite the journals, reports, and other information I gather when finish writing my paper.
I believe after writing my paper I will get a better idea on the topic I be researching on. After thinking about my the two topics I decided that I want to write about the difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web. The reason I pick to write about this than the effect the war has because it’s something that really interest me more and it’s a lot more simple to research on. I always wanted to do research on the dark web, something new and interesting to learn.

Noemi Rosas Vazquez research paper sketch

Noemi Rosas Vazquez research sketch 2

In conclusion, my thesis still needs further review in terms of how I am going to present the information needed. It might need to be changed or reworded in order to be able to do the right research and match the research. I am still unsure of how much information I might find or if it will be enough. The next step I will take in my research will be to start the interviews and to start analyzing the research i have found so far. I will need to do in-depth research on certain presidencies, especially those in which reforms or mass deportation took place.

Paper Sketch Assignment

Immigrants Impacting America

Question and Thesis

How it is adapting to a new culture and how the culture differs from theirs?

Immigrants are always accused of stealing American’s jobs, taking away money from Americans.

Introductory paragraph

Talk about the struggle & what they put up with

Immigrants are accused of causing many issues in America. Even the President has many opinions regarding illegal immigrants and how they are causing problems, he accuses them of being rapists and many other things. [Can I use a paper from another class that proves this point? Not sure whether it was from a scholarly source or not (will double check).]

Immigrants are accused of taking away money from Americans, because when they work they do not pay taxes; but the thing about this is though they do not pay taxes, they do not get the options legal residents and Americans receive. They also are not paid minimum wage because they are not working legally and has no one to go to about payment.

Planning your paper

Immigrants has helped build America into the country it is today. Many Mexicans are the ones who work on many of the buildings and constructions. They work faster and for cheaper.


America was built on the backs of immigrants. It was slaves who were brought into America to do the labor and hard work that Americans did not want to do. Immigrants do many of the jobs that Americans do not want to do, for example being maids, babysitters, in live nannies or maids.

My Paper Sketch


Marijuana: A beneficial solutions for veterans returning from combat?


For this assignment, I want to know how marijuana can help improve the lives (both emotionally and physically) of veterans returning from combat, deployment and harsh environments.


A  working thesis can be that: Can marijuana be proven instrumental in reducing and improving medical ailments in veterans?


 These medical ailments such as PTSD and depression, among others. I believe it should be legalized and that the VA ( a Federal agency), should acknowledge cannabis as a sure way to help fight mobility and chronic diseases. Cannabis is beneficial as well for mental health. Depression, anxiety and mood disorder symptoms can help be alleviated with marijuana.


Main points:


  1. Talk about legalization issues, both at federal and state level.
  2. Negative stigma of cannabis and its users.
  3. Positive health effects and studies conducted.
  4. Different forms of cannabis use and how they each impact the user.




I think my thesis can be much more stronger, I need to find sources that credit what information I need to further research and understand. The next step in researching and writing my paper would be to gather more sources and see if I can link things together to gain more clarity. I’m not so sure on my thesis or on what I really want to find out about cannabis. The aspect of cannabis and the negative stigmas that surround marijuana use and its users. I want to make sure that I know what the average demographic marijuana user is, as well as, know if there are any combat veterans or veterans in general such as myself that use cannabis to help make the quality of life better.



  • 2. Cohen, Peter J. “Medical Marijuana, Compassionate Use, and Public Policy: Expert Opinion or Vox Populi?” The Hastings Center Report, vol. 36, no. 3, 2006, pp. 19-22.


  • 3. Heinrich, Janet, and Mary Lynn Mathre. “Policy Perspectives: Therapeutic Cannabis.” The American Journal of Nursing, vol. 101, no. 4, 2001, pp. 61-  69

Paper Sketch

American Feminism: Embracing Your Inner Bitch

Why is it that women are continuously shunned or insulted for doing the exact same things that a man is praised for? For years women have been trying to get accepted for the leadership skills they possess instead of being called a bossy bitch. Some women are afraid to admit what they want in the bedroom because whenever they bring up the topic of sex they are called sluts and whores. It is about time that has changed, and throughout the years it has gotten better. Feminism has changed the way people view women in America today by showing that women are just as powerful as men, just as sexual, and deserve to be treated with the same respect.

Main points:

  • Before reading this paper one should know why they are a feminist, even if they continue to say that they are not.
  • With fresh eyes read just how powerful women can be
  • Women have every right to be accepted as sexual beings just as men are accepted.
  • Men are respected, admired, and praised when they tell people what to do and act like a leader, women are only called bossy. They deserve to receive the same respect that men are given for their leadership skills.

Valenti, Jessica. Full Frontal Feminism: a Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters. Seal Press, 2014. Print.

Reflection Questions

  1. I feel that I was able to develop a strong and interesting thesis based on the little bit of research that I have done. Some parts of my thesis like the last point I made about leadership skills need more support from a different source than I currently have. I will find new information by looking at the college’s many research websites and reading different books on feminism.
  2. My next step is to do more readings and research regarding how males are more respected than females, how females are shunned for being sexual, and how the disrespect has lessened over the years that women have been fighting the patriarchy.

Paper Sketch / Storyboard

Assignment Steps

This assignment can be divided into five smaller steps. Read the entire assignment before you begin.

Step One: Two Sentences: Question and Thesis

To prepare for this step, complete The Research Room tutorials on Developing a Research Question and Developing a Research Thesis.

  • Write a one-sentence question that summarizes the problem your paper addresses.
  • Based on your research question and your reading of the sources you have gathered so far: Write a one-sentence working thesis statement that summarizes your argument in response to the question.

Step Two: Introductory Paragraph

Place your thesis in context by writing a short introductory paragraph to your research paper. This paragraph is where you will explain briefly your topic and the ideas you’re responding to; it is also where you will state your thesis.

  • This paragraph is where you will “enter the conversation” of an academic debate. You may want to draw on the templates from They Say / I Say in crafting your introduction. (For those templates, see our readings and class handouts.)

Step Three: Planning Your Paper

Prepare a brief plan for your paper. You can do this by writing a sentence to describe each main point that you will make in support of your thesis. Refer to the sources you will use as evidence.

  • If you completed the blog on potential research topics, you have already started to do this. Now you will want to be more specific, and include any sources you have found or claims you have developed in your early research.

Step Four: Draft a Title

Develop a working title for your paper. (Don’t worry, you can change this at any time until you submit your final draft!)

  • A good title describes your paper topic and themes; it can include information about the specific focus of your paper (geographic, time period, academic area), use key phrases, or simply state the question your paper will address.
  • One common format for academic paper titles is a two-part title with a colon. The first part may present a question or a signal phrase, while the second part uses key words from the thesis
  • For a few examples related to our course theme, see this document on Sample Research Essay Titles; for more information and additional examples, visit Composing an Effective Title

Step Five: Reflection

The final part of your assignment should respond to the following questions:

  1. Do you think that you were able to develop an interesting and clear thesis that is well supported by the sources you have found to date? If not, what parts of your thesis need more supporting evidence? How will you find this evidence?
  2. What is your next step in the process of researching and writing your paper?

Assignment Format

Two options: Paper Sketch OR Paper Storyboard

Paper Sketch

  • Format your assignment as if it were a very rough draft of your paper.
  • Place your working title at the top (centered) (Step 4)
  • Your introductory paragraph comes next. Highlight your thesis statement. (Step 1 and 2)
  • Add your brief plan for your research paper next. (Step 3)
  • List any references you plan to use (in MLA format)
  • Provide your responses to the reflection questions (Step Five)

Paper Storyboard

  • Your storyboard will contain the same elements as the Paper Sketch
  • Choose an appropriate style to create your board. (Useful templates include a grid style, a spider map for supporting claims and evidence, or a T-chart for comparisons.)
    • You may draw your own board, or create one out of index cards and paper
    • Or use software to create one: Storyboard That!
  • Place your working title in a prominent place (e.g. at the top of the page)

Your assignment should include your name, our course number (ENG 103.0905) and the professor’s name, and the date submitted. Use 1” margins, double-spacing, and an 11 or 12 point font. I encourage you to print on both sides.

Deadline: Monday, October 16, in class

How to Submit:

  1. Create a file in your Writing Portfolio in Google Drive, and make sure it’s saved to your folder by the due date (If you drew a storyboard, you can scan it in the library, or take a photo to upload it to Drive), AND
  2. Post your paper sketch or storyboard to our course blog (using the category “Blog” and the tag “Paper Sketch.”) You must submit the assignment in each of these forms.

Don’t forget: Always make sure your in-class writing and assignments are saved in your Writing Portfolio (your individual Google Drive folder).


I am looking for the following as I read and respond to your assignment:

  • A clear research question and a working thesis
  • An appropriate introductory paragraph that provides readers with an understanding of what your paper will discuss and argue
  • Evidence of preliminary research and critical thinking about your sources
    • In other words, it is not enough to quote or paraphrase what others have said – what are you saying in relation to what they say?
  • Thoughtful reflections on the process so far and your next steps