Educational Narrative

I would have to say that my earliest memory of learning would have to be back when I was in about second grade while doing math. I do not remember exactly what we were learning, but I believe that it had to do with algebra or multiplication. I was in White Cloud elementary school in Newaygo County Michigan.

White Cloud elementary is where my love for math flourished, I have loved mathematics since I was much younger than that age, but the stimulation that elementary mathematics brought to my brain was amazing. My best memories in White Cloud elementary school would have to be a trip that we took to the Zoo when we got to see so many beautiful animals. Though at the time I was not vegan; now I will never see Zoos as a place of pleasure again. My worst memory of that school had to be when a friend and I got into an argument and the assistant principal took her side of it and I got into serious trouble. A few challenges that I have encountered as a student would be that in all of my years of schooling I still do not know how to take care of things like taxes and insurance because I was never taught.

My mother would not be able to help me with school work very much, but she would always encourage me to do my best and assist me where she could. My grandfather did the same, he always encouraged me to strive for greatness and put school first. Feelings that I associate with learning are excitement and curiosity. I feel excitement because I love to learn new things about the world and curiosity for the same reason.

I think that the person who has taught me the most in life would be my mother, not in the way of schooling, but in the way of surviving life. For example, she taught me how to be a more selfless person. The most important thing that I have learned from her is to always try your best and work hard, but to not beat yourself up for a grade that is lower than an A. When I was younger I would punish myself if I got less than an A on a lot of my work because I felt that if it was not an A then I was a failure. She taught me that that was not true and I should still be proud of my accomplishments. The significance of my story is that whether you are learning in a classroom about the quadratic formula or learning from your parents about how to do things in life, it is all about learning new things. I want readers to take away from my story that being the best and always getting an A is not necessary to succeed in life, a B+ is just as good.


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  1. This was a great blog Angel, Thank you for sharing this with us. I love how you found a new love in math, I on the other hand suck at math but can understand the basic.

    Your memories were clear and very vivid, I love what your mother said “always try your best and work hard, but to not beat yourself up for a grade that is lower than an A”. This is true, we shouldn’t have to beat ourselves up just because we didn’t get the grade that we were hoping for, as long as we try our best the next time. !!

    Thank you <3

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