Narrative (Kymberly Gurdon)

Throughout my childhood I have had many educational memories. My first educational memories took place in elementary school q135. However, the earliest one i could remember was back in kindergarten with my teacher Ms.James. Ms. James was one of my favorite teachers she taught me how to write my letters perfectly and she was really patient with us. Also , i could still remember when she was teaching us how to add one digit numbers she gave us starburst and had us counting them in a way we could put it together and add. After we will get to eat them.

I also remember in 5th grade close to graduation my teacher ms. Sarwee was an algebra teacher she was teaching us how to multiply big numbers to help prepare us for middle school. That class i remember because it was challenging for me it was a advance class. Even though it was challenging my teacher still made it entertaining and great learning experience i’ll never forget.

Going into middle school that’s when the experiences really started . the classes become challenging, the teacher become harder, and so did the work. I’ll never forget my social studies advance class with Mr.donor that class was really difficult he gave us several quizzes each day. However, it all paid off in the end because when i got to highschool i felt prepared and confident going into world history because of Mr.Donor i got one of the highest grades on my Global regents and ended up with a high grade in that class.

Honestly highschool for me wasn’t really challenging i was well prepared from overcoming my hardships in middle school. I felt like what others were struggling with i was already prepared. The only thing i struggled with was AP trig, other than that highschool was a breeze. Now in college ive been doing good so far with the classes that ive been given . I learned that in college so far studying is key to success.

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