My research topic ( kymberly Gurdon)

My research Topic

In Monday’s class we had a chance to discuss with our partner about a topic that interest us for our research paper. The topic I chose was the hardships for immigrants (Jamaicans) to adopt to the United States culture. Also, the hardships of immigrants to fit in a find a job. My partner and I discussed how it would be difficult to get certain jobs without having your papers, even though u learn an probably have all the knowledge for a certain career you still have to go through the process we have here in America , for example , having your high school diploma , a certain amount of college credits and experience.

I have several questions about my topic. A question that I’ve always been curious about is, how many immigrants actually get a good paying job when coming from a different county? How many are finically stable and living the American dream? What is the process they have to go through in order to get a career? Why don’t they have the same opportunity as us Americans do if they are in America? How much of the US population is actually made up of immigrants?  In order to find these answers I’ll have to do deep research and look at immigrants statistics to help me find out more information.

A method I’ll take to find out information is looking for data on that website will help me gather data on immigrants labor statistics. During my partner and I discussion in class she said she wanted to learn more about the hardships of finding a job for an immigrant so that’s definitely a piece of my paper that I’ll go more in depth with.

The great thing about this topic is that I could get a lot of research from family members even some of my close friends, also, news articles and more.

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  1. Kym, you’ve chosen an interesting topic and there’s a lot of research out there to explore! I want to encourage you to narrow this topic down, to make it more manageable. For example, are there particular areas of difficulty that you would want to explore? Or specific immigrant groups and/or industries as case studies? Are you looking at contemporary immigrants, or historical studies?

    You will definitely find a lot of data on the BLS site. Before you turn to that data, I recommend reading some of the secondary literature to get a sense of the scholarly debates on this topic, and where your paper will fit in.

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