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The topic I would like to speak about focuses on the Italian Mafia here in the United States. Now, when speaking about the Italian mafia there are a lot of different areas that can be covered. Many families were formed in different parts of The United States and that period or “Mafia Era” went on for many years. One person that I would like to write about would be the infamous Al Capone along with his Chicago gang, but I wouldnt focus on him. I’d like to understand the different ways in which the mafia’s actions and crimes affected society, and also how the authorities viewed and treated Italian immigrants because of the war against the organized crime groups.

I am really interested in this particular topic because I grew fan of the 1920’s-1960’s and the Mafia when I was in middle school. In my social studies class, we learned and had discussions about the Sicilian mafia, the origin and how strong they were here in the United States of America. Aside from the fact that these were very dangerous years, I really liked the way things were. Small things like the way people lived and dressed, the way vehicles and buildings looked just really caught my attention.

The positive thing about this theme would be that there are alot of resources I can use. There is alot of information to pick up. I can easily get books, or look up a New York Times article from the 1930’s. Since this was such a significant period in history, all of this information is out there. If I had to pick another topic, I may go with something going on in our world today, and it would most likely have to do with Donald Trump and his new tantrums. I’m not really sure if I’d like to go deep into present day politics, but this is just an idea.

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  1. You have two interesting topics–one is more historical, and the other is quite timely. The first one, on the mafia, is more fleshed out. If you decide to go with the second one, I would want to hear more about your ideas.

    You’re right that there is a lot of writing out there about the mafia, from periodicals to secondary sources like academic articles and books. I think you could do some skimming and reading of the existing scholarship to learn more about what other scholars have written on this topic, as you narrow down your research question. The question of “how the authorities viewed and treated Italian immigrants because of the war against the organized crime groups” is the more specific of your two questions, and I would encourage you to specify this even further.

    For example, here are two things you may want to consider: What period of time are you considering? Where did Italian immigrants live at this time, and can you focus your paper on the community in one specific city or region?

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