Paper Sketch Assignment

Immigrants Impacting America

Question and Thesis

How it is adapting to a new culture and how the culture differs from theirs?

Immigrants are always accused of stealing American’s jobs, taking away money from Americans.

Introductory paragraph

Talk about the struggle & what they put up with

Immigrants are accused of causing many issues in America. Even the President has many opinions regarding illegal immigrants and how they are causing problems, he accuses them of being rapists and many other things. [Can I use a paper from another class that proves this point? Not sure whether it was from a scholarly source or not (will double check).]

Immigrants are accused of taking away money from Americans, because when they work they do not pay taxes; but the thing about this is though they do not pay taxes, they do not get the options legal residents and Americans receive. They also are not paid minimum wage because they are not working legally and has no one to go to about payment.

Planning your paper

Immigrants has helped build America into the country it is today. Many Mexicans are the ones who work on many of the buildings and constructions. They work faster and for cheaper.


America was built on the backs of immigrants. It was slaves who were brought into America to do the labor and hard work that Americans did not want to do. Immigrants do many of the jobs that Americans do not want to do, for example being maids, babysitters, in live nannies or maids.

One Reply to “Paper Sketch Assignment”

  1. Aziza, you’ve made good use of headings to clearly lay out the different components of your paper sketch! This helped me to identify your research question and thesis. Your question and thesis change throughout this post (from “Immigrants are always accused of stealing American’s jobs, taking away money from Americans” to arguing “Immigrants has helped build America into the country it is today.”)

    Your plan for the paper is too brief. I would like to know more about how you plan to support your claims. What sources have you found in your research? What kinds of evidence support your claims? Stepping back from your paper: What scholarly debates surround your research question, and whose arguments do you engage?

    In response to your question: You are welcome to use an article you read in another course, as long as it is an appropriate source for your paper. (Keep in mind that you are required to use a minimum number of academic sources for your paper.)

    As you take this feedback into account, I also recommend that you continue to revise Step Five of this assignment, which asked you to reflect on the following questions:

    1. Do you think that you were able to develop an interesting and clear thesis that is well supported by the sources you have found to date? If not, what parts of your thesis need more supporting evidence? How will you find this evidence?
    2. What is your next step in the process of researching and writing your paper?

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