Noemi Rosas Vazquez research paper sketch

Noemi Rosas Vazquez research sketch 2

In conclusion, my thesis still needs further review in terms of how I am going to present the information needed. It might need to be changed or reworded in order to be able to do the right research and match the research. I am still unsure of how much information I might find or if it will be enough. The next step I will take in my research will be to start the interviews and to start analyzing the research i have found so far. I will need to do in-depth research on certain presidencies, especially those in which reforms or mass deportation took place.

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  1. Noemi, you’ve chosen a really important and timely topic.

    The visual layout of your storyboard is really clear and easy to read! I would love to embed an image of this on your post (instead of the link to the PDF).

    Can you tell me more about what sources you have found in your research, as you try to answer the question you have posed? You mention interviews–how will these help you answer your question?

    After reading your storyboard, I see your implicit argument as being related to impact of undocumented immigrants on the U.S. economy and society. You write that “mass deportations which will result in significant changes socially, politically and economically.” What are these changes? What will be the result of mass deportation, and are you arguing that the impact will be positive or negative? What scholarly evidence can you gather to support your argument?

    Your reflection notes some of your next steps. I recommend reading and evaluating academic articles about the history of U.S. deportations and immigration policies (instead of focusing on specific presidential terms). We can talk more about how to find these sources on Monday.

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