Paper Sketch Assignment

The Horrors of the Internet


Question and Thesis:

  • How do people access the deep web or dark web? Can people access these hidden websites with a regular engine? If so how? What’s the difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web?
  • Many people use the dark web or deep web to do illegal activities and view private documents that can’t be seen or found by a regular browser. Only 4% of the content on the internet is open to public and seen by everyone, but 96% of the internet is closed off to us and is not accessible without a special engine. This is what we call the dark web.

Introductory Paragraph:

  • We live in a world that technology is rapidly growing. From cars to buildings, electronics to entertainment, and from medicines to advance medical treatment. The world is changing all around us very quickly. Most of us can’t really go a day without technology. One thing we all use is our phones and computers. This is how we socialize with others, watch movies, television, videos online, or listen to music. All of us do it one way or another. We all are connected and use the internet to help in daily tasks now but what if I told you there’s more to the internet than meets the eye. Have you ever wonder how big the cyber world really is? You have no idea. When we use the internet we only use 4% of it, which is known as the Surface Web. The other 96% that is inaccessible is known as Deep Web or as the Dark web. This is where many can see private documents that is not meant to be seen or to do illegal activities without a trace.

Planning your paper:

  • The Deep Web can sometimes can be view on Surface Web that we all use to see Medical Records, Legal Documents, Financial Records, and other personal information of yourself, but the Dark Web can’t. You need to have a engine call Tor to view the Dark Web which you can use to view other people’s personal information and do identity theft, or worst do human trafficking.


  • Everyone uses the internet but it is all on you about you use it. No one is stopping you for using the internet for your own benefits but be safe when doing so because many people will try to steal you identity especially when you use the Dark Web.

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  1. Kevin, the deep web is definitely an interesting topic. After reading your sketch, I wanted to know whether you have been able to find any academic scholarship relevant on this subject? You will need a minimum of two academic sources for your research paper. I strongly recommend spending some time on finding and evaluating sources and refining your research question before you move further along with this topic. Let’s plan to talk more about this in person on Monday.

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