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Often times the subject of money may be uncomfortable to some and may become difficult for some to embrace the feelings that we get associated with money. Money may affect each one of us, either in a negative or positive way depending on how it is directed towards us.  Whether you’re a person that comes from a very “rich” background/culture or just a regular person “living by means”. It’s said that money is a source of energy. How can we determine that money is energy? Is money part of law of attraction? Should we change our perspective on how we view money? This paper will address the feelings associated with money and state facts alongside information on how money may be connected to Law of Attraction as well as how it may be a source of energy.


  1. Do you think that you were able to develop an interesting and clear thesis that is well supported by the sources you have found to date? If not, what part of your thesis need more supporting evidence? How will find this evidence? A: Yes, I believe I developed an interesting and clear thesis that is supported by the sources I researched. However, I would like to expand more on my introductory paragraph/ thesis statement. I know that I’ll be able to think of more things to write
  2. What is your next step in the process of researching and writing your paper? A: My next step is to continue to find articles on how money is consider a source of energy. I found three articles to support my topic, however I want to continue to do my research and see how it may connect to the law of attraction, find how and why money may affect a person.



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  1. Ryann, I’m not sure I understand your new research topic, and the question you have posed. I’m also not sure who you’re referring to when you write, “It’s said that money is a source of energy.” Who says this, and what do they/you mean by “energy”?

    Could you tell me more about this new topic, and why you decided to switch to it from your previous one? Were you able to find any academic scholarship on this topic? You will need at least two academic sources for your research paper. I strongly recommend spending some time on finding and evaluating sources and refining your research question before you move further along with this topic. Let’s plan to talk about this in person on Monday.

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