Archival Document Essay

In this class, you have already analyzed some secondary sources. This assignment asks you to use primary sources–in this case, documents from the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives–to write a short essay.

The Assignment

Write a response paper to two documents from the Archives. Your paper must be at least two double-spaced pages (500 words). You may choose ONE of the following tasks:

A. You choose the documents: Select and analyze two documents from our class folder that have a common theme or issue. (You may want to select documents related to the topic of your final paper.) If you select this option, make a copy of your documents–you will submit them with your assignment. 


B. You analyze two documents that I have already selected for you. Write about two documents included in the packet on the detention of Haitian refugees:

  • The Council of the City of New York, Report of Legal Services Division, Committee on General Welfare, Res. No. 1873
  • Association of Haitian Workers, January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees statement

Whether you choose A or B, you must do the following: Write a response paper that 1) briefly describes each source, 2) analyzes these two sources in relation to one another (e.g. using comparison and contrast), and 3) discusses what you have learned about your theme/issue from your document analysis.

DUE DATE: Friday, October 27, by 12pm (noon)

General info for all assignments:

Your assignment should include your name, our course number (ENG 103.0905) your professor’s name (Professor Kitana Ananda), and the date submitted. Use 1” margins, double-spacing, and an 11 or 12 point font. I encourage you to print on both sides.

How to Submit:

  1. Post your essay to our course blog. Change the category to “Blog” (only) and use the “Document response” tag.
  2. Create a file in your Writing Portfolio in Google Drive, and make sure it’s saved to your folder by the due date. If you prefer to use Microsoft Word as your word processor, you can upload the file to your Google Drive.
  • Don’t forget: Always make sure your in-class writing and assignments are saved in your Writing Portfolio (your individual Google Drive folder).

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