Paper Sketch/ Storyborad

Marcia Buri
Professor: Kitana Ananda

The fight for the old America
Has a big diverse country like the United States always been this accepting country towards non Americans like it is today.? Around the 1920’s the United States had a major issue going on in society and this was racism. America was not always this calmed like it is in the 2017, non american people suffered from racism by whites specially by one group well known nowadays called “ The Klu Klux Klan”. Which was a group that by racist actions tried hard to keep america stay the america they have always known claiming it was a way to protect “the First Nations people “.
After the U.S created a law against immigration, this led to the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan, which had tons of ways and efforts to “combat” immigration and make america the old america, this group had the support of the congress to continue with their ideas of restoring nordicism. ( the klan’s fight for Americanism, 1926 by Hiram Evans)
Some of the major concerns of the klu klux klan that pushed them to rebirth was that they feared influence of the immigrants and cultural erosion and they believed they had to protect the first Nations people also explained by (Hiram Evans in “the Klan’s fight for Americanism”)
African Americans gained their freedom and some started registering to vote and as more colored people started to hold offices in the south, this Infuriated the klan more and more (America; a narrative history by Shi and Tindall)
I think I was able to develop an interesting and clear thesis that is and will be well supported by the sources I have gathered so far. My step next will be too look for at least one more source that will help me prove my point and make a clear idea for my thesis.

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