Analysis Essay

Aziza Benjamin

ENG 103

Analysis Essay

In an address to The Council of the City of New York, January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees. This statement addresses many different important things that are happening in America and New York in general too. The first is asking for the 3,000 Haitian refugees to be released from the detention centers. They are being held without proper treatment of their rights to trial etc. Also, it talks about the Haitians who are being deported back to the oppression they are trying to escape. The statement talks about undocumented workers, who will be at the mercy of their employers; their rights will be violated. This is important because it goes back to the Haitians who cannot prove that they are being treated badly by the Haitian government and their workers. The most important point in this statement is about the Reagan administration to stop sending money to Duvalier. The money that they are sending to him is the number one reason why many Haitians are leaving Haiti. If the U.S. government stop supporting Duvalier, life may not be as difficult as it is. The statement addresses a few more things, but it did not go into many details, one of their concerns was the U.S. involvement in Central America and the Caribbean.

In another address to The Council of the City of New York, The Council Report of Legal Services Division, Committee on General Welfare. The council members talk about how the Haitians arrived in the U.S. since last year, and they are being held in 11 detention centers around the country. These Haitians are being held prisoners because they entered the U.S. illegally instead of the legal way. According to the statement, it would have taken a few years to happen; which would have resulted in many of their deaths. 53 of the prisoners are being held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, federal District Court Judge Robert Carter has order these refugees be release; they are not being released because of the cases in Florida pending. The federal law would allow the attorney general Smith to release these people on parole with sponsors. Many people has come forward to be sponsors for the Haitian refugees. The council members are hoping that The Council of the City of New York will call on the attorney general.

The way that these two are related are both articles are about Haitians refugees being imprisoned without being able to exercise any of their rights or due process. These refugees are not being treated fairly by the U.S. government. There has been an order for the Haitian refugees in New York to be released from the detention center, but they are still imprisoned because of the cases that are still pending in Florida. It is not fair to these people, who has left a country where they are being ill treated to come to another country to be treated in a similar matter. Also the reason that they did not wait to come to this country legally is because the process takes years.

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