Archival Response

Ryann Block

Eng 103.0905

Professor Kitana A.

Archival Assignment



During our visit at the Archive Room, we discussed two documents one called The Council Report Of Legal Service Division & the January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees. These documents were primary documents part of a special collection in a certain time era. Whereas Books were secondary sources. The first Legal document spoke about the Haitian Refugees being held in the detention center. Waiting their trial dates and citizenships.  There were about 2200 Haitian refugees that have been imprisoned because they entered United State illegally, they would have to wait years to legally emigrate. These Haitians were treated like criminals for example “ Fifty-three of these refugees are presently being detained at the Brooklyn Navy Yard” Not in prison. “Due process rights than are guaranteed every other federal prisoner”. These Haitian refugees wasn’t treated with respect. It’s sad that they had to suffer and fear for their life.

The second Primary document January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees is about 3,000 Haitians refugees being imprisoned in the United States and Puerto Rico. The Coalition wanted all americans to understand no matter how much or how the government may support the corrupt government of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti, they’re still responsible for the Haitian Refugees. This document spoke about policies. Policies in detaining Haitians. Another interesting thing that was important there was a man name Papa Doc who killed these Haitians because of their skin complexion. They were trying to stop the deportation of Haitians to travel to Belize. They would use ships to ship them out this took place in Brooklyn, NY  on Nostrand ave & Eastern Parkway.

To conclude, both legal documents stated information about the Haitian Refugees. How they were deprived and treated like criminals, no one wants to live in a world where you have to fear for your life. This was how the Haitians were living. Each has families and the government didn’t take a second thought to think about their families. The government just felt like they deserved to be treated as such, to be imprisoned, to be killed because of their complexion. This was in the year of 1892. The government must do a better job. We all have rights and should be taken into consideration.

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