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The two articles that I have chosen were the ones provided to us when we visited the archive recently. The articles are REPORTS OF LEGAL SERVICES DIVISION and JANUARY 2ND COALITION FOR THE DEFENSE OF HAITIAN REFUGEES. These two articles discuss the Challenges that the Haitian refugees had to go through, back in the year of 1981. Both articles mention that these refugees were imprisoned, and we’re not given they’re right to a due process. For those who do not know what to process is it is ” fair treatment through the normal judicial system, it is a citizen’s entitlement”. The only reason this happened is because these refugees are not American citizens there for the government did not think that they could go to trial, many people argue that. In the both articles they talked about how there are 11 detention camps throughout the use and more than 2,000 people or dispersed into these camps. The reason for the refugees Coming to America was because of the horrible treatment they were given by their leader. They did not want to wait years to get accepted into the use that’s why they came here illegally. A judge named Robert Carter released 53 Haitian refugees from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to allow them to have a fair trial. After this many other refugees were released from camps to gain a fair trial as well. As time went on these individuals were giving sponsors enabling them to have trials and become citizens of the U.S. It’s unfortunate that these refugees were seeking happiness and freedom here in America but was given the complete opposite. Being put into camps like if they were animals, being treated inhumanely, it was bad enough that they have to deal with the stuff back in their country. Many American citizens did not see this an appositive mindset like the president or anyone else that supported these camps and imprisonment. The citizens who did not support this demonstrated it in rallies and protests, in one of the articles it provided a flyer that people made to show where they were going to rally and March to defend the Haitian people. Not only were these people being placed in camps and even sent to their country again they were some refugees who even sent to Belize, a country they have never been. It was like the US was just throwing out trash and putting it somewhere that they don’t care for. It was a sad time during this time many Haitians survived it and could become citizens of this great land but many more were in as fortunate. As I read this article I also think back to when Obama was President and he allowed all the Syrians to come into this country. Many people were against it scared of terrorism and other things but others we’re happy because it was good to see a president with such positive initiative to let these refugees into the country without a problem, America is built on freedom, rights, and the pursuit of happiness and I believe that any legal immigrant that comes to this country is entitled to all three of those categories.

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