Archival Document Response

Marcia Buri
Professor: Kitana Ananda
ENG 103.0905

The document “Council of the city of New York” is a report of the legal services Division, that was written in april 20,1982, by council members. The subject of this document was the immigration and naturalization of Haitians that had traveled to United states as refugees and were held in detention centers. The second document “Association of Haitian Workers, January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees statement ”  is also by the council of the city of new york, this document was written in march 1982. This document’s purpose was to make people from america understand that the U.S government support to a corrupt government Jean Claude Duvalier in haiti was the reason for so many haitians to seek for refuge in the United States.
The documents “” The Council of the City of New York, Report of Legal Services Division and “Association of Haitian Workers, January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees statement”, both documents have in common that both focus on Haitian refugees. In both people are trying to find a way to help haitians who have been detained and are held in detention camps in the U.S. In the first document, around fifty three haitians  refugees have been detained at the brooklyn  Navy Yard in which those refugees are basically violated of their rights, federal district court judge Robert  Carter as a way of helping these haitians ordered their release however they could not  be released because there was an appeal pending. There was another way that haitians could be liberated at least till the appeal occurred and this was by getting sponsors, people who at non-profit would take responsability of these people but it all depended on William smith, general attorney to parole this refugees. The second document’s goal was also to help haitians who had been detained in the United states and in puerto rico. Their ways to help this people was by opening americans eyes and making them realize that the government aiding a corrupt government like that haitian government was the reason haitians were fleeing to america, simply because the situation in their country is just way out of hand. Some of the demands in this documents were for haitian refugees to get released from camps and political asylum, an unconditional amnesty for undocumented workers, an end to military help to Duvalier, and for the U.S to stop intervention in El Salvador, Central america and the caribbean. What both documents have different is that in the first document, ‘The council of New York, report of legal services division” focuses more in the haitian refugees that were held in detention centers and those who were being deported to belize,this  document  describes the actions that were taken to help those refugees to be free. While in the second document “Association of Haitian Workers, January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees statement”, this document focuses more making people see the reasons for haitians to be fleeing to america and it states specific demands to help haitians, well not only haitians but undocumented workers as well.
In these two documents i learned about haitian refugees that were fleeing to the united states, looking for protection from the political repression they were suffering in haiti. However as soon as they arrived in the United States instead of having that freedom they were hoping for, they were captured and sent to detention camps and centers either waiting for their cases to be taken to court or just waiting to be deported back to haiti or other places while they were violated of their rights. Another thing i learned is that there were some actions taken in order to help these haitian refugees, and some can be seen as successful while others can be seen as as simple failure.

Primary Sources Essay

Immigrants that haven been entering the United States illegally has become one of the most popular issues happening today. This issue is not something new to us, it dates back many years ago to some of our ancestors. There are two particular articles that I took interest to in the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives which are “The Council Report of Legal Services Division; Committee on General Welfare”, and “Stop the Deportation of Haitians to Belize”. The first article is a letter dated back in 1873 and the second article actually is a flyer which both talk about Haitian refugees.

“The Council Report of Legal Services Division; Committee on General Welfare”, talks about the 2200 Haitians refugees that had been imprisoned in eleven detention centers across the United States. The reason for them being imprisoned is because they had entered the United States illegally. At the time, fifty three refugees were being held in at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. According the article, Judge Robert Carter ordered the Haitians to be released but he was turned away because they were still waiting on an appeal.

“Stop the Deportation of Haitians to Belize”,  a flyer, which protests about the United States having ideas of shipping the Haitian refugees in the prisons to Belize in Central America. The march was to represent the Haitians and support them through this massive disaster. The Government made citizens even believe that immigrants would steel their jobs. Because of the Haitians being undocumented in the United States the Government wanted them out of the county. So, why not ship them to Belize which was there idea.

In conclusion, both articles have similarities between them. Both deal with undocumented immigrants in the United States being mistreated like there not even human. The only reason people came to the United States back then was because Visa’s took forever to be handed to them. All people want in life is to have a better future for themselves and their families. Its hard to believe that today we still have this hate towards immigrants in our country.


Paper sketch


English 103

Paper Sketch


Step One:

  • What are some hardships Jamaican immigrants have with adopting to the American Culture and being successful?
  • Even though u learn and probably have all the knowledge for a certain career you still have to go through the process we have here in America , for example , having your high school diploma , a certain amount of college credits and experience.
  • How many Immigrants who come here are financially stable and living the American dream?
  • Why don’t they have the same opportunity as us Americans do if they are in America but got their education in their country?


Step two:

You believe all the struggles and hardships faced by immigrants would be resolve when they come to American, however, that’s wrong they are face with many barriers even when they are here. For example, securing work is a big one because they need money to live a successful life.

  • Undocumented immigrants who face additional challenges securing work, trouble speaking English is a major problem in working positions.
  • Employers typically prefer work experience within the US, and certifications outside of the US don’t transfer.

 Immigrants who are educated and who formerly had strong jobs back home, are having a hard time finding a job here.

  • Securing a place to live
  • Having a low paying job and trying to secure a place to stay is impossible for immigrants
  • They live pay check to pay check
  • Minimum income


Raising their children to helping them succeed in school .

  • Education here is very different from those in other countries
  • Hardship learning English
  • Getting health care services.
  • Having to pay to see a doctor


Undocumented immigrants have an especially difficult time accessing services, because they are afraid of being deported.

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James Macay

Prof. Kitana Ananda


October 24, 2017

Community Colleges

Community colleges are a resource that are accessible to everyone and have much more to offer than people tend to think. I believe that education is one of the most important things we can give ourselves. Aside from my own beliefs, we currently live in a world where you need an education to be qualified to work. Some may use the excuse that they cannot afford to go to school because it is too expensive. Conveniently enough, community colleges are much more affordable than most colleges and universities. Also, if you cannot afford to go to college then it is likely that you will qualify for financial aid to cover your tuition. In community colleges, the amount of resources, knowledge and assistance available is undermined. I’ve come to realize that it comes down to oneself taking the initiative and making the sacrifice. Another aspect of this is, what you do with the knowledge that you learn in school will determine what college does for you. Often I hear people say, “what is that degree going to do for me?” or “how is this information relevant?” Overall, the more you know, the more connections and educated decisions can be made. It is solely up to you. Some people may also argue that there are successful and rich dropouts or non college goers. While that may be true for some, it is not true for everyone. Alongside those who did succeed in life without school, another truth is that they are self educated. So overall, they may not have a college degree, but they educated themselves, which comes back to my point on the decision and actions are up to you. Community colleges can be a gateway for some, and to others it can be an entire bridge. Regardless of opinions and personal point of views, I will explain all the treasures that community colleges have to offer.

Archival Document Essay

In this class, you have already analyzed some secondary sources. This assignment asks you to use primary sources–in this case, documents from the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives–to write a short essay.

The Assignment

Write a response paper to two documents from the Archives. Your paper must be at least two double-spaced pages (500 words). You may choose ONE of the following tasks:

A. You choose the documents: Select and analyze two documents from our class folder that have a common theme or issue. (You may want to select documents related to the topic of your final paper.) If you select this option, make a copy of your documents–you will submit them with your assignment. 


B. You analyze two documents that I have already selected for you. Write about two documents included in the packet on the detention of Haitian refugees:

  • The Council of the City of New York, Report of Legal Services Division, Committee on General Welfare, Res. No. 1873
  • Association of Haitian Workers, January 2nd Coalition for the Defense of Haitian Refugees statement

Whether you choose A or B, you must do the following: Write a response paper that 1) briefly describes each source, 2) analyzes these two sources in relation to one another (e.g. using comparison and contrast), and 3) discusses what you have learned about your theme/issue from your document analysis.

DUE DATE: Friday, October 27, by 12pm (noon)

General info for all assignments:

Your assignment should include your name, our course number (ENG 103.0905) your professor’s name (Professor Kitana Ananda), and the date submitted. Use 1” margins, double-spacing, and an 11 or 12 point font. I encourage you to print on both sides.

How to Submit:

  1. Post your essay to our course blog. Change the category to “Blog” (only) and use the “Document response” tag.
  2. Create a file in your Writing Portfolio in Google Drive, and make sure it’s saved to your folder by the due date. If you prefer to use Microsoft Word as your word processor, you can upload the file to your Google Drive.
  • Don’t forget: Always make sure your in-class writing and assignments are saved in your Writing Portfolio (your individual Google Drive folder).

Paper sketch – Story Board -Ryann B

Often times the subject of money may be uncomfortable to some and may become difficult for some to embrace the feelings that we get associated with money. Money may affect each one of us, either in a negative or positive way depending on how it is directed towards us.  Whether you’re a person that comes from a very “rich” background/culture or just a regular person “living by means”. It’s said that money is a source of energy. How can we determine that money is energy? Is money part of law of attraction? Should we change our perspective on how we view money? This paper will address the feelings associated with money and state facts alongside information on how money may be connected to Law of Attraction as well as how it may be a source of energy.


  1. Do you think that you were able to develop an interesting and clear thesis that is well supported by the sources you have found to date? If not, what part of your thesis need more supporting evidence? How will find this evidence? A: Yes, I believe I developed an interesting and clear thesis that is supported by the sources I researched. However, I would like to expand more on my introductory paragraph/ thesis statement. I know that I’ll be able to think of more things to write
  2. What is your next step in the process of researching and writing your paper? A: My next step is to continue to find articles on how money is consider a source of energy. I found three articles to support my topic, however I want to continue to do my research and see how it may connect to the law of attraction, find how and why money may affect a person.



Paper Sketch Assignment

The Horrors of the Internet


Question and Thesis:

  • How do people access the deep web or dark web? Can people access these hidden websites with a regular engine? If so how? What’s the difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web?
  • Many people use the dark web or deep web to do illegal activities and view private documents that can’t be seen or found by a regular browser. Only 4% of the content on the internet is open to public and seen by everyone, but 96% of the internet is closed off to us and is not accessible without a special engine. This is what we call the dark web.

Introductory Paragraph:

  • We live in a world that technology is rapidly growing. From cars to buildings, electronics to entertainment, and from medicines to advance medical treatment. The world is changing all around us very quickly. Most of us can’t really go a day without technology. One thing we all use is our phones and computers. This is how we socialize with others, watch movies, television, videos online, or listen to music. All of us do it one way or another. We all are connected and use the internet to help in daily tasks now but what if I told you there’s more to the internet than meets the eye. Have you ever wonder how big the cyber world really is? You have no idea. When we use the internet we only use 4% of it, which is known as the Surface Web. The other 96% that is inaccessible is known as Deep Web or as the Dark web. This is where many can see private documents that is not meant to be seen or to do illegal activities without a trace.

Planning your paper:

  • The Deep Web can sometimes can be view on Surface Web that we all use to see Medical Records, Legal Documents, Financial Records, and other personal information of yourself, but the Dark Web can’t. You need to have a engine call Tor to view the Dark Web which you can use to view other people’s personal information and do identity theft, or worst do human trafficking.


  • Everyone uses the internet but it is all on you about you use it. No one is stopping you for using the internet for your own benefits but be safe when doing so because many people will try to steal you identity especially when you use the Dark Web.

Two Research Topics

The two research topics that I am thinking about writing is the effects of war in Europe, and the middle east. My second research topic I’m thinking about writing is the difference between browsing on the deep web and the dark web.
For my first topic the question I really want to find in my research is how war affected Europe in a good way and the bad. I wanna know why a few countries really despise England and French. The real reason I want to do this research is find the purpose why Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is in the state it is in right now, why are these countries have so much suffering happening right now? For my second topic about the difference between the deep web and dark web I want to know how people can access them and how it work, knowing that it’s very different than the surface web that we use in a daily base. The other important understanding I want to research on about this topic is the good that comes out of people browsing the deep or dark web and the type of currency that is use there, knowing that using your credit card or debit may put your identity at risk. Another question I will be researching on is the surface web content bigger than the dark web or deep web content and can you access the dark web content using a regular engine?
The way I will find my answer is to do some research online about my two topics. I will be using the LaGuardia library database to find the journals I need to find conclusion for questions I need to complete my research paper. I also will be using Google Scholar to help me get a better understanding on my topics, plus some reports, news, and if needed a broadcast. Another good idea I might use for the dark web topic it to interview someone who might know or use the dark web on a daily base or used it before, if and only if I can find someone who will tell me their story about using it. If I can’t find anything that will help me in anyway on my paper I have no choice but to visit the library and hopefully find some information there if not my last resort is to use wikipedia to help me understand my topic a lot better. Another thing I must not forget to do is to cite the journals, reports, and other information I gather when finish writing my paper.
I believe after writing my paper I will get a better idea on the topic I be researching on. After thinking about my the two topics I decided that I want to write about the difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web. The reason I pick to write about this than the effect the war has because it’s something that really interest me more and it’s a lot more simple to research on. I always wanted to do research on the dark web, something new and interesting to learn.

Noemi Rosas Vazquez research paper sketch

Noemi Rosas Vazquez research sketch 2

In conclusion, my thesis still needs further review in terms of how I am going to present the information needed. It might need to be changed or reworded in order to be able to do the right research and match the research. I am still unsure of how much information I might find or if it will be enough. The next step I will take in my research will be to start the interviews and to start analyzing the research i have found so far. I will need to do in-depth research on certain presidencies, especially those in which reforms or mass deportation took place.