Second Draft of Your Research Paper

Draft #2  is a full draft of your research paper (of approximately 1800 words), and is due this Monday, November 20, in class. 

With Draft #2, you want to make sure that you have written a draft of your paper from start to finish that includes the following:

  • A working title for your paper
  • An introduction and a clear statement of your thesis
  • The effective use of at least two scholarly sources (as defined in class, and in the slideshow on “Engaging Sources” in Google Drive)
  • Parenthetical citations in the MLA format to cite your sources
  • A complete Works Cited list on the last page

Remember: This is a draft. Do as much as you can, and bring whatever you have. 

In class, you will review and respond to two other students’ drafts in class using the questions that guided our last peer review. We will also work on a “reverse outline” of your paper to guide the revision process.

Here’s why you should bring any stage of your draft, even if you feel like it’s not “ready” to submit:

  • If you bring a draft to class, you’ll receive feedback from your peers the same day
  • You’ll be able to complete the “reverse outline” and get a jumpstart on revising your draft
  • You will receive feedback from me within one week of the assignment’s due date, or by Monday, November 27, and will have enough time to address that feedback

As you work on your draft:

Basic info on formatting your assignment:

  • Your assignment (in Google Docs, and when printed) should include your name, our course number (ENG 103.0905) your professor’s name (Professor Kitana Ananda), and the date submitted. (You do not need to include this information in your blog post.) Use 1” margins, double-spacing, and an 11 or 12 point font. I encourage you to print on both sides.

To submit your assignment:

  1. Save your draft as a Google Doc in your writing portfolio (your Drive folder)
  2. Print and bring two copies of your paper for class
  3. Come prepared to read and do a peer review for two other students

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