Research paper draft 1


ENG 103

La Guardia Community College

Prof. Kitana Ananda

Jeffrey Granda


Draft 1


People are daily persuaded through thousands of advertisement that has impacted our society views and thoughts. The effectiveness of an advertisement campaign has an enormous influence on the consumer. As Democratic and Capitalist use such method to get their public attention, for instance their publicity are everywhere, whether it be a billboard, a TV commercial, a train station or a simple wall. The techniques used in the advertisement industry focus only in persuading their audience and not only getting a positive response from them but a good profit. According to scientist, publicity are carefully build to appeal to the customer as 60 to 80 % of the decisions are influenced by dormant emotions in the subconscious. Through the creative constructions of ad campaigns consumer’s purchases are highly positive. Moreover, political advertising have become important to campaigns strategy since they have the potential to transmit valid source of information about the participants candidates during a political debate. As studies points out that voters shown to political advertisement either on radio commercials or television possess information about candidates, such as their names, achievements, image attributes and daily life. However, publicity have a dark side that are afraid to expose to their public in as much as how truth is the information that they provide to their voters. In this paper I will explain the differences between political advertisements and the negative information that seems to be truth and how it’s used to grab the attention of its target audience and the use of hidden messages that has a tremendous impact in viewers.


In 1964, the Republican senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater challenged his enterprise Lyndon Johnson by publishing an ad of a little girl pulling the petals of a daisy and counting each of the falling petals. As the camera zooms in, the little girl is replaced by a nuclear explosion, and a surprising voice said “These are the stakes, to make a world in which all of God’s children can live or go into the dark. We must love each other or we must die” and then an unknown man’s voice stated, vote for president Johnson on November 3, the stakes are too high for you to stay at home. In this advertisement, public can address the purpose from the sponsor, this ad expresses a negative persuasion for the public because we can see how the tape started  with an angelic and innocent girl and finished promoting the dark side of this propaganda. Even though the advertisement promotes violence, it had a positive effect during Goldwater campaign, because Daisy Girl is effective because it plays off commonly held fears about the use of nuclear weapons.

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