Course Schedule

Note: Check the Google Doc of our syllabus for the latest version of this schedule.

Week 1: Monday, September 11

Introduction. What is research? Syllabus review and community agreements. Writing as thinking, and connecting with readers.

Week 2: Monday, September 18

Finding topics, narrowing your focus, asking questions, developing a research question. Thinking of ourselves as researchers. Entering the conversation. They Say / I Say templates.

In-class writing: Your educational history / narrative.

?   Reading: Liz Addison, “Two Years Are Better than Four Years,” They Say / I Say with Readings (2nd ed.), pp. 211-214;  Malcolm X, “Learning to Read,” Rereading America

✍  DUE Friday, September 22 by noon: Post your revised educational narrative to our course blog (300-500 words)

Week 3: Monday, September 25  

Research topic brainstorming. Starting with what others are saying. The art of the summary. Quarterly check-in.

?   Reading: They Say / I Say, pp. 19-29; Gerald Graff, “Hidden Intellectualism,” They Say / I Say with Readings (2nd ed.), pp. 380-386. Recommended: The Craft of Research, pp. 35-49.

✍  DUE Wednesday, September 27 by noon: Post two possible research topics to the course blog (300 words)

Week 4: Monday, October 2

Mapping the research process. From questions to research problems. Finding and evaluating sources. Engaging sources. Quote-sandwich exercise. Mini-conferences.

Visit to library, followed by orientation and research session in E-303

?   Reading: They Say / I Say, pp. 42-51. Recommended: The Craft of Research, pp. 84-100.

Monday, October 9 – NO CLASS – College is closed for Columbus Day

Week 5: Monday, October 16

Class field trip: New York at Its Core and Activist New York exhibits at the Museum of the City of New York (For students who are unable to attend:

Qualitative research methods: Doing participant-observation (on the subway! Bring a notebook.)

✍  DUE Monday, October 16, in class: Paper sketch / storyboard (300 words, blog)

✍  Optional response for extra-credit:  Wednesday, October 18 by noon: Reflection on Activist New York in-person or online exhibit (300 words, post to blog)

Week 6: Monday,October 23

Citations: In-text, and Works Cited. Understanding different formats. Practice citation writing. Primary vs. secondary sources. In-class writing time: Revisiting They Say / I Say templates.

Visit to LaGuardia and Wagner Archives (Room E-238)

?   Reading: They Say / I Say, pp. 69-77.

✍  DUE Friday, October 27 by 12pm (noon): Response to two archive documents (500 words, blog)

Week 7: Monday, October 30

Summary, synthesis, and analysis–what is the difference? Connecting the parts. Developing an argument. In-class writing time. Mid-term course evaluation.

?   Reading: The Craft of Research, pp. 187-202.

✍  DUE Monday, October 30, in class: Annotated bibliography of four potential secondary sources for your paper (print)

Week 8: Monday, November 6

Supporting your claims with reasons and evidence. Evaluating evidence. Peer review workshop. (Come to class having read two student papers assigned.) In-class writing: Reflection and response to peer review. Conferences about Draft #1 of your paper.

?   Reading: They Say / I Say, pp. 105-118; The Craft of Research, pp. 130-138.

✍  DUE Monday, November 6, in class: Paper Draft #1 (900-1000 words, blog)

Week 9: Monday, November 13

Revising your organization and argument. Reverse outline. In-class writing time. Quarterly check-in.

?   Reading: They Say / I Say, pp. 139-143; The Craft of Research, pp. 203-210

Week 10: Monday, November 20

Strong introductions and conclusions. Peer review workshop. (Come to class with two copies of your draft.) In-class writing time.

?   Reading: The Craft of Research, pp. 232-248.

✍  DUE Monday, November 20, in class: Paper Draft #2 (1800 words, in Google Drive)

Week 11: Monday, November 27

Revising for clarity and style. Peer editing. Conferences about Draft #2 of your paper.

?   Recommended: The Craft of Research, pp. 249-269.

Week 12: Monday, December 4

In-class writing: Course reflection. Sharing and celebrating our work! Class photo.

 DUE Monday, December 4, in class: Final Draft of Research Paper and Research Portfolio

In lab: Please make sure that the following completed assignments are in your Google Drive folder, along with your research paper, so that I can see in one place the work you have done for this class: All in-class writing exercises and blog posts; Document response or field notes; Annotated bibliography; Paper sketch; Draft #1; Draft #2.  

Final drafts cannot be accepted any later than Friday, December 8.

✍  DUE Friday, December 8, by noon: Revise and post your course reflection to the blog

Week 13: Monday, December 11 (Location TBD)

Final conference to return graded papers. A digital copy of the graded paper may be returned to you, only if you are unable to attend the final conference. You must send me an e-mail request to do so.