Object Speech & Reflections

This week, students brought objects that represent themselves and shared with the class how and why the artifacts mattered to them. The stories were original and compelling, and as diverse as our student body. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for sharing such great stories.

Please use this page as a space to reflect on your presentations, and to comment on others’ presentations.

Some prompts:
What are your takeaways from the presentations?
What have you learned about/from your classmates?
What were similarities/ differences between the speeches?
What are some things you could have added to your presentation?
Could you have done it differently?
How did the artifact speech transform your self-perception?
What did you discover about yourself as you were preparing for the speech?
How did it feel to share your stories with your classmates?
Did having a concrete object helped you develop a story about yourself? If so, how? And why?
DId you find the presentation challenging? Why?

Make sure to write at least FIVE sentences.

I will distribute handwritten feedback when we come back from Spring Break. Excellent work everyone and I hope you have a wonderful break!

3 Replies to “Object Speech & Reflections”

  1. I would like to commend everyone who stood up in front of an audiencein class and delivered their speech. The exercise gave us a chance to learn heartfelt and personal situations that we would probably not have discussed otherwise. Although I let my nerves get the best of me, I felt empowered and supported by my classmates. Public speaking has always given me anxiety but I hope improve upon the mistakes I made with the next to scheduled exercises.

  2. Last week, my classmates brought objects that represent themselves and shared with the class how and why the artifacts mattered to them. There were many items and heart-warming stories. As I listened to their stories and the history behind their objects, I realised that I have had it easy in life. I had no idea how much pain and suffering my classmates have endured in their personal lives, It taught me not to judge others too quick. You never know what’s going on in their personal lives, they’ll either be happy, or they’ll be sad with a happy face. Speaking to others in public had always made me feel super anxious, but doing these presentations along with my classmates had made me a better speaker. I now have a better picture of how I should present and what to expect from an audience, There’s nothing I need to be afraid of!

  3. Our Object speech presentations were spectacular. Everyone brought something that truly had some significant value to them. I was honored to be able to share those intimate moments with my classmates, i applaud everyone that came forward courageously. Thank you.

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