Black lives matter protest


Conflict resolution scenario by Alex & Harry



Black lives matters protest


                Photographer                                                                          Police Officer

Student Making school Project                                      Rookie Guarding a road block




P.O- are you calm now?
Kid- yea I’m calm, I’m calm
P.O- that was stupid of you to put your hands on me
Kid- stay silent
P.O- I should arrest you for assisting an officer
Kid- I just wanted to take a pic for my school project
P.O – well why didn’t you say so in the first place, I would have given you s few minutes
Kid- idk I don’t have good experiences with officers
P.O – well I’m sorry to hear that, but you can’t treat everyone the same.
Kid- your right, I’m sorry about that I just panicked, and with the protest and everything I got carried away.
P.O- I understand, I times of tension we act out of character but always remember we are here to serve and protect your as a citizen.
Kid- thank you for everything you do I really appreciate it.
P.O- thank for saying that , since your being respectful of my career, I’ll be respectful to your craft. So I’m going to give you a couple a couple of minutes to take your photos and let you go with a warning. Next time don’t push an officer, I hope you learn from this situation, that just by communicating sometimes you can get what your are looking for.

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