Conflict Resolution Script – Noelia and Sandy

Conflict Resolution Script

Cast: Jesse (Newer Employee) and Martina (Senior Employee)

Location: Law Firm where they are both legal secretaries/ Paralegals

It’s 10:15 and Jesse is at work trying to get ahead of all the work that she has ahead for herself. Martina in the other hand is just walking in to work with the same excuse that she used yesterday about their being delays with the Long Island Railroad.

Martina: Good morning Jesse! Oh my there were so many issues with the trains again today. I can’t believe I got here so late and I wasn’t even able to get my hair and makeup done before getting here.

Jesse: Oh no, that sucks that happened again today. You cant even tell that you didn’t get your hair and makeup done.

Martina: Oh that’s totally nice of you to say but a total lie. I brought my straightener though so keep an eye that no one comes so that I can do my hair and make up. Oh and by the way I totally forgot I have to leave early today, I have a thing to go to.

Jesse: Oh… ok but don’t we have to prepare all the docs for the court case that is on this week?

Martina: Oh is that this week? Oh, it shouldn’t be that bad you can handle it.

Jesse: Umm ok but there are some things that I cant sign off on. Don’t you need to sign some of those papers?

Martina: No, not necessarily. There’s a stamp on my desk with my signature; you can just use that.

(Jess rolls eyes)

Jesse: Ok great… Actually Martina, do you think that we can talk for a minute.

Martina: Yeah, sure!

Jesse: I feel that lately I’ve been given more tasks to do that are usually not part of my job description. I just wanted to make sure I was on the same page as you.

Martina: Oh no! I’m sorry that you feel that way. We all help each other out when it’s needed.

Jesse: I just feel that as of lately I feel a little bit used and overworked. I had a school event that I had to go to last week but because you said that you had to leave early I ended up staying late at work. Today I had another school event that I won’t be able to go to because as soon as you came in you announced that you had to leave early. I know I probably should have probably communicated to you about having to leave early sooner but I just found out about it this morning and wanted to tell you in person rather than by a text message.

Martina: Oh Jesse! I am so sorry that you feel that way. I definitely don’t want you to feel that you are being taken advantage of but you know that this role comes with a lot of responsibility. And to the part of leaving early yes please let me know ahead of time when you are leaving early so that we can just set up our schedules to make sure that we have someone here during the work hours. I’ll see what I can do to get out of my event tonight so that you can get out of work earlier.

Jesse: Ok, thank you! And thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Martina: No worries. I’m actually jumping into a meeting now can you please work on the briefs that I have on my desk next.

Jesse: Ok, but what about the ones that I have on my desk already?

Martina: Those aren’t as important since I have to submit the ones on my desk today.

Jesse: Ok, I will work on that next.

(Jesse goes to Martina’s desk takes the folders with her and goes to sit at her desk)

On the phone with her mom… Jesse: Hey Mom!… Yeah I spoke to her just now… No, I feel like everything that I told her went into one ear and out the other. I honestly feel that she gives me all the work that she is tasked to do and whenever she was speaking to me I felt that she was just saying whatever she thought that I wanted to hear. Like I know that I have been here for a couple of months but she is giving me things that I haven’t been trained on yet. Ok mom I’ve got to go I think she’s done with her meeting. I’ll talk to you later.

Martina: Hey Jesse, did you get through those briefs that I told you to complete?

Jesse: No, not yet but I am nearly done.

Martina: Ugh just give it to me and I’ll finish it myself.

Jesse: Ok, here you go but I am nearly done all I had left to do was submit.

::Phone Ringing::

Martina: Hello? Oh yes I just finished and was just scanning all the docs over to you. I worked a lot on it so let me know if you have any questions. ::Hangs up:: Jesse! Scan this over to me now please.

Jesse: Alright, isn’t this the one that I just worked on?

Martina: Yes, I have to submit it.

Jesse: I just scanned everything and sent it over to you. Martina, this is one of the issues that I was telling you about earlier. I don’t feel comfortable doing your work, when I haven’t been trained yet in a lot of it, and you taking credit for it. I know you were in a meeting and all but you hadn’t worked on any of this since you’ve received the folder and I feel a little bit taken advantage of. I know its a busy time of the year for the law firm but I would like to get trained to help out more if needed but I also would like to know what my role is here and how we can work out on getting everything done as efficiently as possible.

Martina: Jesse, I don’t know where all of this is coming from today. I feel a very bad vibe coming from you and I’m not liking this energy. I feel like you’re not putting as much effort or heart into your work like you normally do.
Martina: I’m not exactly sure what you mean Jesse?

Jesse: Well, what I’m trying to say is… I don’t think I get recognized for the amount of work that I do.

Martina: So Jesse what exactly are you asking for?

Jesse: Honestly, I feel like lately I’ve been doing too much and not getting paid what I need to for the amount of work that I’ve been getting done. Especially since I have to complete some of your task.

Martina: Okay Jesse, I understand what you mean.. I can see how affected you’re getting by this situation.. I wouldn’t want to feel like how I’m making you feel.

Jesse: Thank you for understanding Martina.

Martina: I can assure you that I will try harder to come in on time to work as well as more prepared for the day. I also apologize that I have been putting a lot of my work on your plate as you know it has been a stressful few months.

Jesse: I get that and I hope things change because you’ve acknowledged your mistakes before and things will only change temporary but then go back to normal.

Martina: I understands why you’re feeling the way that you are. During the meeting I spoke to John and Amy about you and I’ve told them that you have been my right hand helping me with multiple things and staying in late to handle cases that needed to be done immediately. They said that they have noticed your hard work as well and agreed that you are deserving of a raise which will be implemented effective immediately,.

Jesse: Oh Martina, thank you so much!

Martina: With that being said.. We would want to reward you by giving you the recognition as employee of the month for all your time and dedication at work. You’re someone that can be trusted and all the staff here know that you’re someone that works hard and meets all their goals. Thank you Jesse and sorry for making you feel otherwise.

::Jesse and Martina hug::

Jesse then calls her mom…
Jesse: Mom, Martina and everyone else finally realized all my hard work and ti me that I’ve been putting in. They gave me a raise and awarded me employee of the month. Thank you mom for not letting me give up.

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