Conflict Resolution Scenario: Jason & Aissatou

Manager: can someone get Jason from the stock room and let him know I need help closing these registers please


Jason comes to the sales floor upset, and then approach his manager


Jason: Hey they told me you needed my help to close registers? But before that can I speak to you privately in the office please

They both goes upstairs to the office and have a seat facing each other and began having a conversation


With Jason leading the conversation he started


Jason: I just wanted to have an opening conversation with you about a couple things that’s been brothering me. I been wanting to have this conversation for a while now, but it never seen like the right time until now. First let me say this I like this job and enjoy doing what I do, but I feel like that I am being taken advantage of, I come here everyday on time and I always have to do job functions that managers are supposed to do. I understand that, yes, we are short some manager and I have managers experience but I just don’t think it’s fair that I also have to end up doing other peoples job, especially for the same pay.


Manager (Aissatou): So, what I hear you saying is that you are being taken advantages. You feel like you are being over worked and it’s not getting the recanalization as it should be. Am I hearing you correctly


Jason: Yes, it’s like everyone has a job to do but I do mine job and beyond.

Manager (Aissatou): Is there anything else you want to add since we are already here having a conversation


Jason: no, I would just like to just feel like everyone is doing their jobs and not feel like I am being over work/ or taken advantage and not seeing any result at the end of the day


Manager I hear you and I understand, it makes sense that you might be feeling this way, if I were in your shoe and saw the situation the way you do I would probably feel the same way too. But Jason let me explain to you. I really believe in you and I see that you have a lot of potential and the leadership of a manager and this is why I come to you, not because I want to take advantage of you or want to over work you, but because I want to trainee you for a position that I believe you are capable of doing. Understand that everything I ask you to do is not because I don’t have other manager that can do it, but I want you to learn how to do it, so you can be one closer to a bigger position. But I do understand how you are feeling again and how it looks to you, and if you are feeling this way it is partly my fault because I should have sat down with you and had this dialog with you and explain to you the plans I have for your future in this company, and for that part, and I apology. So, lets taken the time now and come with a development plan for you career path with this company. Is that okay


Jason: Yes, that will be great, and thank you for understanding how I was feeling and for taken the time to listen to me and I am happy we had this conversation


Manager: same here, okay so about this plan.


Jason and his manager stays and discuss his future with the company.


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