Conflict Resolution Scenario

Conflict Resolution Scenario

*Keisha- She’s a new hire who isn’t pulling her weight at the new job. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t feel comfortable asking her teammate (Anaistasia) for help.

*Anaistasia- She’s a full-time, experienced worker. She’s very efficient with what she does. She’s frustrated with Keisha’s work performance and her attitude shows it.

A: Hey Keisha, did you finish the paper work?

K: I’ll get to it when I can

A: It’s not about when “You’ll” get to it, we work as a team and it needs to get done.

K: Ana, why do you have to be on top of me all the time? I consistently feel like I’m being micromanaged. (with an attitude).

A: Can I talk to you for a minute?

K: Sure! what’s up? (folds arms with attitude)

A: Listen, I understand you’re new but I constantly feel like doing majority of the work and you do the bare minimum. We work as a team Keisha. There should be no reason 1: you’re working at your own pace and 2: you barley ever finish your tasks on time. Not to mention you’re always on your phone. 

K: This job isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m overwhelmed most of the time and I feel as my teammate, you should offer help but instead, you’d rather micromanage me. 

A: It’s not like I’m trying micromanage you. I just think you need to focus more on being task oriented.  If you need help, you should ask. I’d love to help you. I want to see you succeed. 

K: You’re not approachable. 

A: I apologize. The last thing I want to do is come off unapproachable. 

K: I apologize for putting a heavy work load on top of you.  I’m gonna do my best to work as a team so we can get our job done together.

A: It’s ok. I don’t pass any judgement. We’re human. Just take what I said as constructive criticism. I took a lot from this conversation. As I mentioned before, the last thing I want to do is come off unapproachable. I’ll try my best to work on that. Once again, my apologies.

K: I think we can both take from this conversation. It’s a lesson learned for both of us. We’re good?

A: Of course! Now lets go back to before neither one of us have a job (the both of us laughing )

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