Conflict resolution scenario:

Kristi’s boss has been acting differently later. She appears cold  and distant. Kristi thinks that maybe she did something wrong to cause this but isn’t sure. However, she tries to confront her boss and sort out the unknown conflict between them.

Kristi: (Knocks on the door)

Taylor: Come in!

Kristi: Hi Taylor! Can I talk to you for a minute?

Taylor: Yes, how may I help you Kristi?

Kristi:How are you doing today?

Taylor:Honestly Kristi, I am under a lot of stress and don’t have time to chat. What do you need?

Kristi:I…Well, I just wanted to know if you were upset with me about something since you have been acting very cold and distant towards me. It’s really making me uncomfortable and it is quite disturbing since I don’t even know why you’re acting that way.

Taylor:My apologies, my behavior does not have anything to do with you. My dog recently passed away. I had to put him to sleep.

Kristi:I’m sorry Taylor. I didn’t know about it. I totally took it in a different way since you had never acted that way before.

Taylor: I should not have let personal matters affect how I try my staff.

Kristi:Do you have a picture of your dog? Can I see it, if you don’t mind?

Taylor: Of course. I have so many pictures of him!

Kristi:Ah! Is that a Shih Tzu?  I have a four year old Shih Tzu myself. He i unusually fat for some reason. He loves to go out but instead of walking he always sits in the middle of the road and not move. He makes me carry him home instead.

Taylor:(Laughing) It’s a golden retriever but you were close. Thank you for expressing how you were feeling Kristi. I am gad we had this  conversation.

Kristi:I’m glad I came up with it. If there’s anything bothering you, rather than keeping it to yourself, it’s always good to share it with someone. I am relieved it wasn’t what I thought it was.

Taylor: Kristi, you know you’re one of my best employees, your performance is excellent. Thanks again.

Kristi:Thank you Taylor. i hope you  feel better soon.

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