Conflict resolution scenario:

Kristi’s boss has been acting differently later. She appears cold  and distant. Kristi thinks that maybe she did something wrong to cause this but isn’t sure. However, she tries to confront her boss and sort out the unknown conflict between them.

Kristi: (Knocks on the door)

Taylor: Come in!

Kristi: Hi Taylor! Can I talk to you for a minute?

Taylor: Yes, how may I help you Kristi?

Kristi:How are you doing today?

Taylor:Honestly Kristi, I am under a lot of stress and don’t have time to chat. What do you need?

Kristi:I…Well, I just wanted to know if you were upset with me about something since you have been acting very cold and distant towards me. It’s really making me uncomfortable and it is quite disturbing since I don’t even know why you’re acting that way.

Taylor:My apologies, my behavior does not have anything to do with you. My dog recently passed away. I had to put him to sleep.

Kristi:I’m sorry Taylor. I didn’t know about it. I totally took it in a different way since you had never acted that way before.

Taylor: I should not have let personal matters affect how I try my staff.

Kristi:Do you have a picture of your dog? Can I see it, if you don’t mind?

Taylor: Of course. I have so many pictures of him!

Kristi:Ah! Is that a Shih Tzu?  I have a four year old Shih Tzu myself. He i unusually fat for some reason. He loves to go out but instead of walking he always sits in the middle of the road and not move. He makes me carry him home instead.

Taylor:(Laughing) It’s a golden retriever but you were close. Thank you for expressing how you were feeling Kristi. I am gad we had this  conversation.

Kristi:I’m glad I came up with it. If there’s anything bothering you, rather than keeping it to yourself, it’s always good to share it with someone. I am relieved it wasn’t what I thought it was.

Taylor: Kristi, you know you’re one of my best employees, your performance is excellent. Thanks again.

Kristi:Thank you Taylor. i hope you  feel better soon.

Conflict Resolution Scenario

Conflict Resolution Scenario

*Keisha- She’s a new hire who isn’t pulling her weight at the new job. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t feel comfortable asking her teammate (Anaistasia) for help.

*Anaistasia- She’s a full-time, experienced worker. She’s very efficient with what she does. She’s frustrated with Keisha’s work performance and her attitude shows it.

A: Hey Keisha, did you finish the paper work?

K: I’ll get to it when I can

A: It’s not about when “You’ll” get to it, we work as a team and it needs to get done.

K: Ana, why do you have to be on top of me all the time? I consistently feel like I’m being micromanaged. (with an attitude).

A: Can I talk to you for a minute?

K: Sure! what’s up? (folds arms with attitude)

A: Listen, I understand you’re new but I constantly feel like doing majority of the work and you do the bare minimum. We work as a team Keisha. There should be no reason 1: you’re working at your own pace and 2: you barley ever finish your tasks on time. Not to mention you’re always on your phone. 

K: This job isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m overwhelmed most of the time and I feel as my teammate, you should offer help but instead, you’d rather micromanage me. 

A: It’s not like I’m trying micromanage you. I just think you need to focus more on being task oriented.  If you need help, you should ask. I’d love to help you. I want to see you succeed. 

K: You’re not approachable. 

A: I apologize. The last thing I want to do is come off unapproachable. 

K: I apologize for putting a heavy work load on top of you.  I’m gonna do my best to work as a team so we can get our job done together.

A: It’s ok. I don’t pass any judgement. We’re human. Just take what I said as constructive criticism. I took a lot from this conversation. As I mentioned before, the last thing I want to do is come off unapproachable. I’ll try my best to work on that. Once again, my apologies.

K: I think we can both take from this conversation. It’s a lesson learned for both of us. We’re good?

A: Of course! Now lets go back to before neither one of us have a job (the both of us laughing )

Conflict Resolution Scenario: Jason & Aissatou

Manager: can someone get Jason from the stock room and let him know I need help closing these registers please


Jason comes to the sales floor upset, and then approach his manager


Jason: Hey they told me you needed my help to close registers? But before that can I speak to you privately in the office please

They both goes upstairs to the office and have a seat facing each other and began having a conversation


With Jason leading the conversation he started


Jason: I just wanted to have an opening conversation with you about a couple things that’s been brothering me. I been wanting to have this conversation for a while now, but it never seen like the right time until now. First let me say this I like this job and enjoy doing what I do, but I feel like that I am being taken advantage of, I come here everyday on time and I always have to do job functions that managers are supposed to do. I understand that, yes, we are short some manager and I have managers experience but I just don’t think it’s fair that I also have to end up doing other peoples job, especially for the same pay.


Manager (Aissatou): So, what I hear you saying is that you are being taken advantages. You feel like you are being over worked and it’s not getting the recanalization as it should be. Am I hearing you correctly


Jason: Yes, it’s like everyone has a job to do but I do mine job and beyond.

Manager (Aissatou): Is there anything else you want to add since we are already here having a conversation


Jason: no, I would just like to just feel like everyone is doing their jobs and not feel like I am being over work/ or taken advantage and not seeing any result at the end of the day


Manager I hear you and I understand, it makes sense that you might be feeling this way, if I were in your shoe and saw the situation the way you do I would probably feel the same way too. But Jason let me explain to you. I really believe in you and I see that you have a lot of potential and the leadership of a manager and this is why I come to you, not because I want to take advantage of you or want to over work you, but because I want to trainee you for a position that I believe you are capable of doing. Understand that everything I ask you to do is not because I don’t have other manager that can do it, but I want you to learn how to do it, so you can be one closer to a bigger position. But I do understand how you are feeling again and how it looks to you, and if you are feeling this way it is partly my fault because I should have sat down with you and had this dialog with you and explain to you the plans I have for your future in this company, and for that part, and I apology. So, lets taken the time now and come with a development plan for you career path with this company. Is that okay


Jason: Yes, that will be great, and thank you for understanding how I was feeling and for taken the time to listen to me and I am happy we had this conversation


Manager: same here, okay so about this plan.


Jason and his manager stays and discuss his future with the company.


Conflict Resolution Script: By Eliezer & Michelle

Conflict: Eli, an employee, has set up a recycling program throughout the building. One department consistently does not recycle appropriately. He’s put up signs and has instructed individual staff. When it’s mentioned to his boss, she says he’ll do something about it, but nothing changes. . He feels dismissed.

Cast: Michelle (Boss), Eli (Employee)


Eli (Employee): Hey Michelle, how’s everything going today? Looks like it’s been a busy morning!

Michelle (Boss): Yes, it has been! Been receiving a lot of calls this morning regarding situations that need to be addressed. Been juggling between tasks till now.

Eli: Yes, I’ve seen! Did you even grab your morning coffee?? I know you always grab one around 9 in the morning.

Michelle: No, I haven’t had the time until now. Just been running around. How about you, Eli? How’s everything going?

Eli: Good, can’t complain. I wanted to touch base with you and find out when you might have some free time. Know how busy things can get for you so just wanted to see what works for you.

Michelle: Well in an hour or so things should free up. Should have some time then. Why do you ask?

Eli: Well I just wanted to take out a couple of minutes to talk to you about the recycling program I’m working on in the building. Been having some issues with it as you know and really wanted to just pick your thoughts and brainstorm with you as to how we can make it operate a bit smoother. We can even grab some coffee while we talk, since you missed your morning run. Does that sound reasonable?

Michelle: Yes of course. I know you’ve spoken to me about that earlier. We’ll speak in an hour.

Eli: Great, can’t wait. Thank you

(Later that day they meet)

Michelle: So here we are, Eli. You have my attention. What about the recycling program would you like to speak about?

Eli: Michelle, I have always appreciated working with you in this job. I always see how committed you are in addressing the issues that come your way, even when it seems to be coming from multiple directions all at once. I’ve always related to your commitment to your work and I also want to be able to address any issue that comes my way not only for myself but also to make everyone’s life easier.

One issue that seems to be unresolved is the issue of the recycling program. As you know, I have set up a recycling program for the building. I take pride in the fact that I was given this responsibility and want to make sure that the things that you entrust me with are being managed thoroughly. Recently though, our marketing department has been having problems with recycling. I have spoken to them on several occasions, in servicing them on the reasons that we recycle, and where everything should be placed going forward. But it seems they still have not understood our program. As the manager to this facility, I know that your job is very demanding and that you have a lot more to worry about other than the recycling program, but the inability to find a resolution here even though we have spoken about this issue makes me think I’m being overlooked.

Michelle: Eli, I want to thank you for taking the time out to speak to me about the recycling program. I can clearly see its something that concerns you and that you’re taking very seriously. Secondly, I’d like to say I appreciate you here as an employee. It is my goal on making sure all team concerns are addressed in a professional manner and I want to make this a comfortable workplace for you.
So, let me just start by apologizing to you if you feel you were overlooked in this situation.

As you know from experience, through the past couple of weeks we have been heavily bombarded with extra workload and we have been prioritizing issues in the order of importance and turnaround-time urgency. That’s not to say the recycling program isn’t important, but we know how hectic time-sensitive issues can get. We can both agree though that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

Eli: I can totally understand where you’re coming from. These time-sensitive projects can get very hectic and we all have work to do. The last thing I want to do is throw more work on your shoulders. I simply want to complete the work given to me while being an asset to this company and the people who work for it. I just need all departments to comply with my instructions, and I’m asking you lend me support so they will take me seriously. If they don’t see you behind me on this, they won’t.

Michelle: Eli, I don’t want you to feel like you’re working in this situation by yourself. We are a team and though I’m busy throughout the day with multiple projects across different departments, there must be a way in which we can follow up on the recycling program consistently throughout the week without sacrificing a lot of time.

Eli: Exactly! I don’t want to take your attention from the projects that need it, but I think a little time given consistently to this issue will make a huge difference. I’d like to suggest each department appoint a “Recycling Leader” to manage the recycling program thoroughly and keep it sustained within their respective departments. We can hold quick meetings weekly, bi-weekly or whatever fits everyone’s schedule with all our recycling leaders and come up with the best solution as a group on what we can do to alleviate the recycling program situation. This will also help us to understand each department’s personal obstacles to recycling and empower them to come up with solutions. Delegating this to a department level also alleviates your need to spend large amounts of time following up with me on each department while more effectively tracking how we are doing when it comes to recycling.

Michelle: So, what you’re proposing to do is have a point person from each department or as you call it a “Recycling leader” take charge of their own departments recycling responsibilities, while we oversee their progress through quick bi-weekly meetings? I think that is a great idea! Not only are we letting the departments personalize their own recycling plan which will in turn make them feel more empowered and lessen the chances of them feeling intimidated by imposing rules on them, we also solve both of our issues. We will both effectively manage the recycling program together, backing each other up and conserving time while doing so. Let’s start thinking of people from each department that we can appoint as recycling leaders.

Eli: I’ll get right on it! And I want to say thank you for being so patient and taking this time to resolve this issue. It was frustrating me because I just didn’t think you cared, but I see now how busy things can get for you but that you care very much, and I appreciate you just settling this issue for me.

Michelle: My pleasure, Eli. That’s why I’m here, shoot me over the final details and who you think we should appoint. We finalize and get this program running smoothly. You can start by recycling your coffee cup.

Conflict resolution scenario:

Kristi and her co-workers are having a dilemma with their boss. They are stressed because they had told their boss several times that the inventory needed to be restocked. The boss keeps saying “I will take care of it, don’t worry.” The employees even list down the items that are to be restocked and hand it to the the manager but still do not get them by the end of the week. They feel embarrassed when clients ask for  certain services that requires the products they are out of. They are not being able to provide good service to their clients  and are starting to perform poorly at work.

Performed by:

Taylor (The boss) and Kristi (an employee)

Black lives matter protest


Conflict resolution scenario by Alex & Harry



Black lives matters protest


                Photographer                                                                          Police Officer

Student Making school Project                                      Rookie Guarding a road block




P.O- are you calm now?
Kid- yea I’m calm, I’m calm
P.O- that was stupid of you to put your hands on me
Kid- stay silent
P.O- I should arrest you for assisting an officer
Kid- I just wanted to take a pic for my school project
P.O – well why didn’t you say so in the first place, I would have given you s few minutes
Kid- idk I don’t have good experiences with officers
P.O – well I’m sorry to hear that, but you can’t treat everyone the same.
Kid- your right, I’m sorry about that I just panicked, and with the protest and everything I got carried away.
P.O- I understand, I times of tension we act out of character but always remember we are here to serve and protect your as a citizen.
Kid- thank you for everything you do I really appreciate it.
P.O- thank for saying that , since your being respectful of my career, I’ll be respectful to your craft. So I’m going to give you a couple a couple of minutes to take your photos and let you go with a warning. Next time don’t push an officer, I hope you learn from this situation, that just by communicating sometimes you can get what your are looking for.

Conflict Resolution Script – Noelia and Sandy

Conflict Resolution Script

Cast: Jesse (Newer Employee) and Martina (Senior Employee)

Location: Law Firm where they are both legal secretaries/ Paralegals

It’s 10:15 and Jesse is at work trying to get ahead of all the work that she has ahead for herself. Martina in the other hand is just walking in to work with the same excuse that she used yesterday about their being delays with the Long Island Railroad.

Martina: Good morning Jesse! Oh my there were so many issues with the trains again today. I can’t believe I got here so late and I wasn’t even able to get my hair and makeup done before getting here.

Jesse: Oh no, that sucks that happened again today. You cant even tell that you didn’t get your hair and makeup done.

Martina: Oh that’s totally nice of you to say but a total lie. I brought my straightener though so keep an eye that no one comes so that I can do my hair and make up. Oh and by the way I totally forgot I have to leave early today, I have a thing to go to.

Jesse: Oh… ok but don’t we have to prepare all the docs for the court case that is on this week?

Martina: Oh is that this week? Oh, it shouldn’t be that bad you can handle it.

Jesse: Umm ok but there are some things that I cant sign off on. Don’t you need to sign some of those papers?

Martina: No, not necessarily. There’s a stamp on my desk with my signature; you can just use that.

(Jess rolls eyes)

Jesse: Ok great… Actually Martina, do you think that we can talk for a minute.

Martina: Yeah, sure!

Jesse: I feel that lately I’ve been given more tasks to do that are usually not part of my job description. I just wanted to make sure I was on the same page as you.

Martina: Oh no! I’m sorry that you feel that way. We all help each other out when it’s needed.

Jesse: I just feel that as of lately I feel a little bit used and overworked. I had a school event that I had to go to last week but because you said that you had to leave early I ended up staying late at work. Today I had another school event that I won’t be able to go to because as soon as you came in you announced that you had to leave early. I know I probably should have probably communicated to you about having to leave early sooner but I just found out about it this morning and wanted to tell you in person rather than by a text message.

Martina: Oh Jesse! I am so sorry that you feel that way. I definitely don’t want you to feel that you are being taken advantage of but you know that this role comes with a lot of responsibility. And to the part of leaving early yes please let me know ahead of time when you are leaving early so that we can just set up our schedules to make sure that we have someone here during the work hours. I’ll see what I can do to get out of my event tonight so that you can get out of work earlier.

Jesse: Ok, thank you! And thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Martina: No worries. I’m actually jumping into a meeting now can you please work on the briefs that I have on my desk next.

Jesse: Ok, but what about the ones that I have on my desk already?

Martina: Those aren’t as important since I have to submit the ones on my desk today.

Jesse: Ok, I will work on that next.

(Jesse goes to Martina’s desk takes the folders with her and goes to sit at her desk)

On the phone with her mom… Jesse: Hey Mom!… Yeah I spoke to her just now… No, I feel like everything that I told her went into one ear and out the other. I honestly feel that she gives me all the work that she is tasked to do and whenever she was speaking to me I felt that she was just saying whatever she thought that I wanted to hear. Like I know that I have been here for a couple of months but she is giving me things that I haven’t been trained on yet. Ok mom I’ve got to go I think she’s done with her meeting. I’ll talk to you later.

Martina: Hey Jesse, did you get through those briefs that I told you to complete?

Jesse: No, not yet but I am nearly done.

Martina: Ugh just give it to me and I’ll finish it myself.

Jesse: Ok, here you go but I am nearly done all I had left to do was submit.

::Phone Ringing::

Martina: Hello? Oh yes I just finished and was just scanning all the docs over to you. I worked a lot on it so let me know if you have any questions. ::Hangs up:: Jesse! Scan this over to me now please.

Jesse: Alright, isn’t this the one that I just worked on?

Martina: Yes, I have to submit it.

Jesse: I just scanned everything and sent it over to you. Martina, this is one of the issues that I was telling you about earlier. I don’t feel comfortable doing your work, when I haven’t been trained yet in a lot of it, and you taking credit for it. I know you were in a meeting and all but you hadn’t worked on any of this since you’ve received the folder and I feel a little bit taken advantage of. I know its a busy time of the year for the law firm but I would like to get trained to help out more if needed but I also would like to know what my role is here and how we can work out on getting everything done as efficiently as possible.

Martina: Jesse, I don’t know where all of this is coming from today. I feel a very bad vibe coming from you and I’m not liking this energy. I feel like you’re not putting as much effort or heart into your work like you normally do.
Martina: I’m not exactly sure what you mean Jesse?

Jesse: Well, what I’m trying to say is… I don’t think I get recognized for the amount of work that I do.

Martina: So Jesse what exactly are you asking for?

Jesse: Honestly, I feel like lately I’ve been doing too much and not getting paid what I need to for the amount of work that I’ve been getting done. Especially since I have to complete some of your task.

Martina: Okay Jesse, I understand what you mean.. I can see how affected you’re getting by this situation.. I wouldn’t want to feel like how I’m making you feel.

Jesse: Thank you for understanding Martina.

Martina: I can assure you that I will try harder to come in on time to work as well as more prepared for the day. I also apologize that I have been putting a lot of my work on your plate as you know it has been a stressful few months.

Jesse: I get that and I hope things change because you’ve acknowledged your mistakes before and things will only change temporary but then go back to normal.

Martina: I understands why you’re feeling the way that you are. During the meeting I spoke to John and Amy about you and I’ve told them that you have been my right hand helping me with multiple things and staying in late to handle cases that needed to be done immediately. They said that they have noticed your hard work as well and agreed that you are deserving of a raise which will be implemented effective immediately,.

Jesse: Oh Martina, thank you so much!

Martina: With that being said.. We would want to reward you by giving you the recognition as employee of the month for all your time and dedication at work. You’re someone that can be trusted and all the staff here know that you’re someone that works hard and meets all their goals. Thank you Jesse and sorry for making you feel otherwise.

::Jesse and Martina hug::

Jesse then calls her mom…
Jesse: Mom, Martina and everyone else finally realized all my hard work and ti me that I’ve been putting in. They gave me a raise and awarded me employee of the month. Thank you mom for not letting me give up.

Conflict Post: Rosario and Jamilett

Conflict: Your coworker is making sexually oriented statements to you or in your presence. You are good friends and you wouldn’t really call this sexual harassment; nevertheless these remarks make you feel uncomfortable. Resolve the conflict.


Carlos: And then I told her that she could spend the night at my place anytime!

*Carlos high fives a couple of his coworkers*

Kim: Hi everyone,who are you guys talking about?

Carlos & Coworks: Hey Kim, we are good how about you, we just listening to Carlos talking about his amazing night.

Kim: Really what happen to you last night Carlos I want to know.

Carlos: I’m just talking about you beautiful and the night we had.

Kim: What? Sorry if my memory is a bit fuzzy but I don’t remember anything like that.

Carlos: Its okay if you don’t remember babe that’s why you got me for.

Kim: Carlos, can I talk to you privately?

*Coworkers make “oooo” noise as you and Carlos makes your way to a secluded corner.*

Carlos: What’s up beautiful?

Kim: Why are you telling everyone we spend the night together when you know we didn’t do that at all?

Carlos: Why wouldn’t I tell everyone I’m spending time with the most beautiful girl ever? Anybody here would love to spend a night with your beautiful ass.

Kim: We are only friends Carlos. To be completely honest, I feel very uncomfortable when you talk to your coworkers like I’m yours.

Carlos: Whats the issue with being called beautiful or gorgeous? Some girls are so hard to please.

Kim: Please? I thought this was funny at first because we’re friends but I think you’re taking it too far.

Carlos: I really don’t care Kim I told all of our coworks I spend the night with your baddest girl here so just go with it.

Kim: I understand you’re trying to flatter me saying I always have a nice body, that I have a nice little waist with a butt , that you like my breast and you want to spend a night with me but there are other ways to get someone’s attention. This is not me trying to sound unappreciative but it went to far.  

Carlos: Why are you complaining about this now?

Kim: Im complaining about this now because you may not be aware that you’re sexually harassing me and I wanted to address the problem head on before I take it to a higher people like HR or our boss.

Carlos: I never knew you felt that way because you never said anything. I’m sorry, is there anything I can do to make you not feel this way?

Kim: Yes you can start by telling everyone that we are just friends and you made jokes that were uncalled for and that it won’t happen again. I’m sorry if I have lead you on so if I do something that you may think is a sign, please let me know so we don’t run into this problem again.

Carlos: Thank you for talking to me first and not taking this to higher authority.

Kim: Yeah I just wanted to talk to you because I wanted to figure out a solution between us as adults. I hope we can still stay friends but with more respect towards each other.


Conflict Resolution Scenario

Scenario: Co-workers that are having a disagreement over work related responsibilities .  The conflict arises when one co worker feels that the other is not “pulling her weight “.

Performance by Anaistasia & Keisha

object speech reflection

As the objective of an object speech goes, the first speech was a good exercise for all the speakers to loosen up and get used to speaking in front of the audience. As for me, it did not go very well as i planned. I had a lot of things to relate to the object. I did  get a little nervous when i started delivering my experience with the phoenix rhyton which is why i ended up speaking about things i did not even realize related to the object.  I believe i  could have done better and would definitely try to prepare better for the upcoming speech. As for the whole class, it did help me to understand the experiences everyone has been through and look forward to more of such activities in the future.