Objective speech

Each and every speech that was presented touch my heart in a different way. From the camera, to the wedding ring, down to the military stories. It was amazing getting to know my classmates. I’ve learned a lot about them. It’s interesting to know how something as small as a mug can be hold so much value to someone’s life. I enjoyed listening to everyones speeches. It has taught me to not take things for granted. Good Job everyone!

Object Speech Reflection: Mickey Mantle Poster

I feel like the speech went well, though there were some things that I wish I put more of an emphasis on. I wish I spoke more efficiently about how much the picture meant to me in regards to the relationship with my father, which I planned to do. I know now that its really not how much you say in regards to facts and details, but how it’s conveyed with effective wording. Had my speech estimated a little under 3 minutes before the speech but the actual speech probably ran a little past six.

I loved hearing about the artifacts from my classmates. Loved the personal, emotional stories that people were brave enough to share, especially the ones who shared about their losses within the family, which is very brave to do in front of a group of people.

Object Speech and Reflection

This first speech that we did this semester was definitely an experience. You can tell everyone really put thought into the object they bought. I thought maybe I could have talked a little more about my object because I don’t think I put much detail into what the object meant to me. Some people mentioned the back story of their object and I wish I had done that too. I am glad though that everyone else had bought unique items and not just anything common that doesn’t mean anything.

Speech Summary

I felt everyone brought in very unique objects. Most of the objects reflected the bond between them and a family member or a role model they adored. All objects held deep sentimental value and helped through a tough time in every speakers life, where they faced adversity. There were a lot of emotional speeches and for me that was an eye opener. There were some speeches that I heard that I felt I couldn’t match and the standard was set very high, especially when it was my turn to present. However, hearing everyone’s story (speech) definitely helped me see another side of them as well as having a greater respect for them.

Object Speech Feedback

For the speech I thought that I was a lot more prepared than I actually was. You see… normally whenever I have to give a speech and I know that I’m going to mention my dad which usually becomes quite emotional for me I always volunteer to go first so that I can have my emotions on check and not have it affected by anyone else’s speech.  This time around hearing everyone’s stories first just messed up my emotions to the point that I was a blubbering baby and everything that I had prepared went out the window. It’s not so much that I was nervous, I use to go to a performing arts school so I’m okay with being in front of a crowd but when you’re performing it’s usually someone else’s words that you’re saying and not your own words and emotions. It’s not always as interconnected with you as your own history is. No matter how much time has passed since my dad has passed away, talking about him is still very raw for me as if its still a fresh wound; that is why I generally tend to shy away from talking about him . For the most part I had my emotions in check through everyone’s speech although there were times that I had to try my best to hold back the tears but when Richard started telling his story and the meaning behind his tattoos I started blubbering like a baby. Also Lynn’s story and the moment that she had with her mom was very touching as I related to her a lot since I always find it hard to communicate with my mom.

Object Speech Personal Analysis

The speeches presented by my classmates, in my opinion were the perfect way to express, communicate, relate and view each other in different light, in different manner, where we can understand what has influenced us to become who we are today and help elevate each other reach the goals we are working so hard to fulfill. To break down walls and see our true personalities, to allows not to feel insecurity and make mistakes, so together as a group we can work together and pick each other up.

Looking back at the moment, i wouldn’t change a thing from the presentation because i was as sincere and appreciative of the moment, being able to be self-reflective and grateful of everything I’ve lived so far.

Object Speech & Reflections

This week, students brought objects that represent themselves and shared with the class how and why the artifacts mattered to them. The stories were original and compelling, and as diverse as our student body. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for sharing such great stories.

Please use this page as a space to reflect on your presentations, and to comment on others’ presentations.

Some prompts:
What are your takeaways from the presentations?
What have you learned about/from your classmates?
What were similarities/ differences between the speeches?
What are some things you could have added to your presentation?
Could you have done it differently?
How did the artifact speech transform your self-perception?
What did you discover about yourself as you were preparing for the speech?
How did it feel to share your stories with your classmates?
Did having a concrete object helped you develop a story about yourself? If so, how? And why?
DId you find the presentation challenging? Why?

Make sure to write at least FIVE sentences.

I will distribute handwritten feedback when we come back from Spring Break. Excellent work everyone and I hope you have a wonderful break!