Study Guide: Midterm Exam

Make sure to look at charts and tables.

For the exam, review handouts, Power Point slides, and textbook.

 In the textbook, review the following topics for the midterm exam:


Chapter 1

Evolution of communication models

Chapter 3

Language and thought: denotative meaning, connotative meaning

Language and meaning-making: euphemism

Chapter 4

Similarities & differences between verbal and nonverbal communication

Nonverbal coding systems

Chapter 5

Difference between hearing & listening

Effective listening strategy

Barriers to effective listening

Types of listening

Chapter 6

Theories of interpersonal communication p120-129

P 138 Ethical Communication: Sugar-Coated Hostility

Midterm Exam Essay Question

[Essay Question]

Choose one topic and write a complete essay. Think of yourself as a communication studies scholar and analyze a specific communication situation. It should be a full essay, well organized and thoughtful.

[30 points]


Question 1

Do you think hate speech should be protected as free speech? What is a hate speech?

What influence does a hate speech have? Provide a concrete example and explain why you think hate speech should be protected or regulated.


Some questions to think about in developing your essay:

What do you think is the role of communication and communication studies for the larger society? Why is the discussion around hate speech / free speech so crucial?


Question 2

Reflect on your own speech communication experience. What do you think about accent or a dialect? Do you find it pleasing? Do you have negative feelings about it? How does accent or dialect reflect cultural associations and values? How does it affect your speech communication with others? Provide concrete examples to support your thesis.




Question 3

Touch has the power to comfort someone. But touch can also be considered threatening because of its connection to sex and violence. Reflect on your own communication experience. Provide a concrete example and analyze how touching sent nonverbal messages and affected your feelings, perception, and relationship.


Some questions to think about in developing your essay:

What did the touch make you feel?

Why did you feel that way?

Why was touch so crucial in that situation?

Did you feel that your personal space was violated? How?

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