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Hello class today I would like to talk to you all about active listening. The definition of active listening would be not just hearing what the other person / persons is saying, but also being more attentive and giving the correct feedback when it’s due. An example that I would like to use is one that I feel everyone can relate to that being when your parents or Guardians tell you to do something you don’t wanna do. Now you’re not going to actively listen at first, especially if you feel like they’re telling you to do something in a nagging manner the first thing you’re going to do is be like “yeah, yeah I heard you” And kind of brush it off but then when they get mad that you didn’t do what they asked because they were specific and direct with what they wanted to be done, and you weren’t listening at first then thats when the parents say ” See?thats what happens when you don’t listen to me!” In which your response would be “I heard you” and then the parent would say “you HEARD me but did you LISTEN to me” and that I feel is where a lot of people get confused with listening and actively listening. I truly believe that there are solutions to this problem of people not actively listening in conversations. the first solution I would say is to for starters, actually be interested in having a conversation with that person, if you’re more interested and actually more attentive while you’re having conversation with that person you won’t have to struggle with actively listening or trying to find the right thing to say back in the conversation. since you already are listening and actually into the conversation, you’ll have something to say back and it won’t come off as halfway listening or halfway giving the feedback that the other person may need at the time. second thing I would say is to not be distracted don’t have anything else you’re doing in that moment with the other person you’re trying to have a conversation with just because one, it’s a little rude especially when the person trying to have a serious conversation with you and you’re either on your phone or your doing anything that’s not being attentive to the other person’s needs and two, it just shows the person you actually really don’t care about what they’re saying so it’s just not going to be a good conversation after that point. So to sum up this long comment about actively listening, I think practicing more active listening skills like, like giving your undivided attention, collecting all the data that you receiving from the person,thinking about what you’re going to stay instead of having an automated response, and actually show more emotion in that moment with that person and I feel that will really help people become more successful in the active listening front. Thanks guys! Enjoy your evening! 😊

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