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Brainstorming: How to Write a Good Blog Post

Read the following sample blog posts and answer the following questions:

What is each post about?

How is the post structured?

In your opinion, what is a good blog post?


In the post about 18 benefits of educational blogging, which entries stood out to you? Why?

How would you like to use the blog as your learning tool this semester?

(1) “The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog”

The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog

(2) “Why Teachers and Students Should Blog: 18 Benefits of Educational Blogging”

Why Teachers And Students Should Blog: 18 Benefits of Educational Blogging

Additional Resources

Blogging Checklist

Student Blogs: Learning to Write in Digital Spaces

Free Graphic Design Tool


Tutorial Videos:


Tutorial Videos:

11 comments on “Sample Blog Posts & Resources

  1. saif khan

    Q: In the post about 18 benefits of educational blogging, which entries stood out to you? Why?
    A: Id have to say creativity & having a voice. I picked creativity mainly because it allows the blogger to customize their blog to their own personal preference making it more appealing to the audience and to yourself. Secondly, Having a voice stood out to me because many people don’t have the confidence to say what they’re thinking in person & these blogs posts can give them the platform to have their voices heard.

    Q: How would you like to use the blog as your learning tool this semester?
    A: I’d like to improve on my blogging & creativity skills and by reading others blog posts & seeing how it is constructed, i believe that can be accomplished.

    1. Hansol Post author

      Awesome comment, Saif! I believe blogging can help you improve your writing/creativity and have a voice, and in the process, empowers you.
      I look forward to hearing more from you both on and off this blog!

  2. Nazinga

    Each post gives us useful information and tips to creating a successful blog post.
    The first post on the Do’s and Dont’s of writing a blog, informs the reader of the preferred methods that the author had found to be tried and true, through her many years of experience as a blogger.
    The second blog stresses the importance of student and teacher blogging, that serves to educate students and prepare them for work in a growing digital environment.
    I believe that learning how to write a proper blog post can be a beneficial tool to have. Even though someone may not become a proffessional blogger, it is still a great resource and skill to have.

    1. Hansol Post author

      Yes, Nazinga, I hope the blogging provides you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with new digital tools. Looking forward to some fun experiments!

  3. Elizabeth Deabreu

    After reading the 18 benefits of blogging, the ones that stood out to me the most were: Social skills and confidence, and having a voice. i believe these are very important because for starters, to some people having a blog or writing in a blog is personal and takes alot of courage and bravery putting themselves out there so this gives them that platform they need to step outside their comfort zones and express themselves. i know myself, im not a big blogger so when i do blog i become more confident. having a voice i believe is true because for people who are usually shy, this their way to speak on what they want to say and they feel like theyre being heard.

    1. Hansol Post author

      Good point, Liz! I totally agree with the part about having a voice.
      It can definitely be an enabling and empowering platform for many people who usually don’t have a chance to express themselves.

  4. Devaughn

    The two literacies probably influenced and intrigued me the most. I found that stood out the most to me because they make it a good point by saying that there are so many different new literacies now that contribute to how well you live 21st century life this day and age and that makes me want to improve.

    And so I would say that improving my literacy skills is one of the ways that I would like to use this blog

    1. Hansol Post author

      Devaughn, yes, I think blogging can be a great tool to help you develop different literacies, which we will discuss more later in the semester! Let’s think about how we can use the blog effectively for that purpose.

  5. jizzel10

    Each post was about blogging. Each post had their own input about blogging. The first goes into details about what to do and what not to do when blogging. The other post is about how/why blogging is important.

  6. carloseh

    The first blog post, the 12 dos and dont’s, seemed like some fairly elementary advice on drawing attention to a personal blog but left a bad taste in my mouth. It essentially advises us to use the same techniques that trolls use to draw attention online: clickbait and pictures. WHile this is nothing new- this has been a marketing strategy for decades- it still feels inherently wrong as it doesn’t really lead to higher quality content, just more noticeable content (the use of pictures is an exception, but after seeing the second blogger use pictures to make 1 line of text take up more than a paragraph’s worth of space I’m not convinced that it is good advice)

    the second blog essentially argued that blogs can be used for educational purposes. The author used anecdotes instead of evidence, however, so I can’t imagine that anyone who didn’t already agree would have been convinced. It also spent a lot of time arguing what seemed to be a self evident truth: that anything that is used for educational purposes can be a valuable tool for learning.

    1. Hansol Post author

      Carlos, I agree with you that the narrative about blogging is often closely linked to marketing strategies but I also think, as the second blogger points out, that there is educational value to blogging as well. And I believe that it is important that through blogging in class, we have the potential to create counternarrative to corporate ideology, and part of our job, as a class, is to think about how best to use blogging as our learning tool. I would love to hear if you have any opinion about that.

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