How can Astrology help you Communicate

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The Glimpse at the Rise and Fall of Astrology 

Astrology is defined as the search for the meaning of life from the sky. However, the idea to look up for the answers to life began 25,000 years ago, when markings on cave walls and bones were found depicting the lunar cycles. Had our ancestors never done this, the development of astronomy, meteorology and other scientific advancements would have been stunted. Astronomy opened up the view of the stars and gave birth to astrology. Today astrology is deemed pseudoscience, and has resulted in a decline in belief, because of the lack of scientific evidence to back up astrological divination.

Why we Shouldn’t Discount Astrology

I myself won’t pick up a newspaper and skip to the horoscopes, I believe that life has too many variables to consider, that is over looked in the art of fortune telling. Nevertheless, we could be overlooking an important fact, the fact that our ancestors had no scientific base to appreciate what they were recording, until more advance civilizations came about and gave meaning to their artwork. Here lies the problem, scientists and scholars are underestimating the carvings of earth’s heavenly bodies, i.e. the sun, moon and stars, on human beings. While this notion is based on personal experiences rather than scientific ones, we don’t know what type of knowledge, insight and technology’s future civilizations will have. Will they call it Astrology, and use the 12 signs, who knows.

How Astrology Can Help Us Communicate Better

But here’s what we do know, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac, every human on earth has 3 signs, an ascending, a sun sign, and a moon sign. The ascending is your outer mask, the face you show the world, it is a part of your profile but not a significant attribution to your personality. Everybody knows their sun sign, this is your personality, who you aspire to be, it’s found in conscious and unconscious decisions you make. Your moon sign was believed by the Aztecs to be the most important sign; this is your inner self, your shadow side that only those closest to you will be fortunate to witness. By understanding how all 3 signs make up a whole personality, one could navigate their professional and personal relations with less stress of overthinking. To “know thyself” is probably the most formidable tool someone can have. You can better understand how your thought processes work, and help you communicate more efficiently. You can also attempt to understand those around you, either in your personal life, school, or even in the work place. Communication is the key to a successful society, understanding yourself in the grand scheme of life can only bolster your ability to communicate and thus help you become a more productive version of yourself in society.

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  1. Hansol

    Sorry for late feedback but I think this is an interesting perspective! I agree that better understanding of oneself makes one to become a better communicator, and I like the idea that astrology can help us understand not only ourselves better but also others. I would love to hear more about your own experience with astrology, how it helped you navigate through relationships, or difficult situations. Interesting post, and great artwork too!

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